everyone thinks they are superior

WHY…everyone thinks they are god…

Might be a by-product of when Natural Selection really did mean Natural Selection and the superior male won the woman… now the biggest wallets win the woman, or whatever wins us over that floats our individual boats…

Have you ever considered spending some of your free time in the study of grammar and punctuation?

Short answer is because they are stupid.


=D> yes

Everyone is stupid? Wouldn’t that make stupid the average?

That sure explains a lot, doesn’t it…

I don’t have such a cynical view of humanity.

How exactly did the man win over the woman :-s . I see men being generally superior in some things and I see women being generally superior in some things… I don’t see either sex winning over the other.

You do realize “Everyone” includes you too?

Now, that would imply that I think myself superior, wouldn’t it?

Actually it only means that you are part of the ‘everyone’ group.

Implied? Lol, it’s the thread title and the main assertion of the OP. It’s stated about as explicitly as possible that “everyone thinks they are superior” and you replied to that, right?

I’ll have you both acknowledge that “everyone thinks themselves superior” is the OP’s assumption, not mine.

Mine is that those who think themselves superior are stupid.
I linked the sense of superiority to stupidity, and that was all.
Your assumption that I am in agreement with the OP is your own, but as I see it, it does not follow.

In any case, my dears, the OP used “they” and not “we”, which to me indicates that he does not include himself in the “everyone” group, which indicates that he did not mean everyone in a very literal way. But that’s just my comprehension skills at play here… Don’t mind me, I am just a little thing. I realize that you are entitled to opt to refuse to comprehend and enforce a literal meaning. Suit yourself, dears.

You did not disagree with the all inclusive use of ‘everyone’, but now you have cleared it up.

Turtle is either grammar challenged… in which case he should have written ‘everyone thinks he/she is god’.
or he is logic challenged … in which case he should have written ‘some people think they are gods’, because it’s fairly simple to show that not all people think that they are gods.
Who knows what Turtle actually means?

I see no problem in people having their fun!

My only problem is the party poopers who feel good trying to bring other down to their level.

What if, that level is inaccessible, except by that way of partying? What if, the party could not even have started but for the fact, that a quick turnaround was necessary, in case something alarmingly dense were to be encountered there?

In other words upstarts are a necessary part of the equation, and part of the solution is as always, dilution not of levels of acknowledgement, but an ability to defer referentiality irrespective of point of view, or level of comprehensions.

I say, give them a break, and i do include both you and Me in that equation. Or, reversely.

Turtle’s meaning can be inferred!

If you didn’t accept that assumption why did you proceed to explain why you think that assumption is true? If you don’t think everyone thinks themselves superior you could have written “I don’t think everyone thinks themselves superior but those that do are stupid”.

You responded to a thread named “everyone thinks they are superior” by writing “Short answer is because they are stupid.” Seemed like you accepted it.

Wrong again. “they” referred to “everyone” and “everyone” includes turtle too so he indeed did include himself in the “everyone” group. Not that you can exclude yourself from the “everyone” group because if you did it wouldn’t be “everyone” anymore, since everyone (EVERY one) necessarily includes you too.

“Some people think they are gods” wouldn’t draw nearly as much attention as “everyone thinks they are gods/superior/whatever”.

Just like naming your book “The Root of some evil?” wouldn’t draw nearly as much attention as naming it “The Root of ALL evil?” :stuck_out_tongue:

This is arguable.  I would think looking for a specific root of some evil, would both be more noteworthy and more of an attention drawer, since 'all evil' gives no clue , as to whom or what to refer to. It just blankets any respite with a resigned "ahhhhhhhh", as  we're all in this together, after all, and flock together as birds of a feather.

I suppose that’s sort of a proof, but of what? Superiority, or, it’s nemesis? Between the two, of course, there is the average, the mundane, and the ridiculous. Between those, what would Turtle choose? I’d say, the ridiulous.?.(may be terribly wrong).

it, like saying i, claudius, not really knowing if it’s a reference or a referent

I’m too good for that sort of thing. :angelic-green: