everyone thinks they are superior

 too bad. or is it my bad? at times i feel responsible, turtle like all the others....flown the coop, into another level, upwards into the etherial purity of the safety of the less dense, the safety of the angelically less referential, away from the abyss of self indulgence,  into the safety net the public domain. 

Silence does speak volumes, nevertheless, and in this upward, downward flight, silence is at once golden, as it is broken by the ice of pathos. No, the turtle is definitely obliged , but alas wins against the hare, but no, that’s just a paradox.

The turtle exists paradoxically, so she does choose the ridiculous! Hi turtle, Your’ inferences are totally understood and acceptable.

 But to take attn. off Turtle, Phoneutria seems to have miscalculated about the other, since she so readily excluded herself from the the OP. If so, such miscalculation may require some sort of re calibration, no?  otherwise it is only a matter of attitude, or worse still politically motivated slant. other than that , the distance between unreasonable and ridiculous is not wide enough to raise eyebrows.

Have I, miscalculated?

Depends on the measure of competency between defined and described calculation. Your query points to an uncertainty seeking a clearer definition, implying an uncertainty over self valuing, and a reliance over others’ valuing. Therefore, at least from what You are saying, it’s more about miscalculating Your own definition of competency. So,it appears from Your question, that You may have miscalculated.

I am neither superior to nor inferior to anyone. I am what I am (Popeye).

No, dear. My query points to my thinking that it does not follow that my ready self exclusion from the OP indicates a miscalculation.
I do think that if you wish to ascertain that I have miscalculated, you are burdened with demonstrating the miscalculation. How else, dear, could I be recalibrated?

We are all God. It is that that makes us feel superior to everything else; yet everything else is God. It also makes us feel inferior to everything else at the same time. To feel inferior and superior at the same time to each thing you encounter that is seemingly different yet remains equivalent to you as another piece of the same whole is downright insanity, and yet we manage it.

How can we not think our selves superior to everything else when we feel so powerful at times? So smart and on top of things? With so little understanding of the things that could wipe us out in a nanosecond without even noticing our existence. The fragile ego of men and Gods. By realizing fully the things we come to know throughout our lives. By humbling our selves bit by bit and accepting things. Acceptance is always the first step in overcoming.

Realistically, there’s quite a few people who could say that I have a superiority-complex just because I posted something like this in a manner for other people to learn from; as if I was being condescending; and certainly I could feel superior to others if I didn’t take into account that I had to learn all of this first before I could say it. I find that people can say whatever the fuck they want to say about another person in this day and age and people will believe it due to our gullibility and our tendency to notice the negative more than the positive; to see the worst in people more than the best. The amount of insecurity and depravity that has been incorporated into mankind is ridiculous and I don’t know how anyone can truly feel superior to anyone else when we have all added to it.

i did say you may have not that you did.  But , it seems you are uncertain about it, or you would have said something different , like i couldn't have or, something darker , i must have given that impression.  But a question, did I? indicates a contemptuous retort, as if You would be the best judge of Your own intended meaning, and my opinion is worth next to nothing.  

 If You are certain of Your own position, why even think about re calibrating at all? Your reply gives a scent of  contempt shading an even more subtle apprehension of at least some doubt.  However i must confess to You, sometimes i feel that way about myself as well.So i wouldn't get hung up about it, but i assure You, You may very well been off on this one.

  I hope i have met ;at least some of the burden imposed on me of Your supposed opinion.

Tell me, dear, what have you read into my choice of word?

Was it an uncertainty over self valuing, a reliance over other’s valuing?
Or was it contempt, as in I am the best judge of my own meaning, and your opinion is worth next to nothing?
Which one, dear?

I’ve put lots of question marks in this post. Do I seem aprehensive to you?

And what does the tone of my reply have to do with an alleged miscalculation, proposed before a rely was uttered to spark all this speculation? What of the miscalculation itself, will I ever hear about it?

Dear, are you a fishmonger?

 Well no... i am not.  However the tone of someone regardless;of whom it's directed toward, and at times irrespective of content, does say volumes about valuation, of self and others.  I by no means want to give the impression of any contempt or hostility, just would like to clear

the air of some unfortunate possible allusions to thoughts that may not even be present.

 Regardless of what you may feel or think towards me, i do understand You better than You may think, since i have come across a few of my family in similar and curious mindset.

  Again for my part, i have no idea, whether i am at this present time making unwarranted and even stupid assumptions about evaluations in general, but i may share something with You if i may, i think you are a very smart yet somewhat quizzically defensive person, and i really like those types of persons.  Pls cheer up, i have absolutely no ulterior or hidden motives in our correspondence.  I am not judging or valuing You.