Everything Is Alive !!

Everything is alive… EVERYTHING !! … even atoms… even subatomic particles.


  • Outer Space is cold, very cold [-270 C ].

  • Therefore, ‘gravity’ can be seen as everything trying to HUDDLE TOGETHER for warmth.

[size=117]Is this possible ?[/size]

Gravity is a scalar force which depends upon density, not heat.

either that or everything is dead.

[size=117]" Damn, I thought this might happen."[/size] :frowning:


Please don’t make this a ‘science’ thing. There’s a reason I put it in the philosophy section ya know !

Besides, the ‘science angle’ was taken care of a few months back : What causes the force of gravity ?

The result was… no result. It’s still very much an ‘open question’.

My theory is probably similar in ways to ‘Gaia Philosophy’, only on a much smaller scale (atoms and subatomic particles).

Well, maybe, but that would make a pretty depressing thread… ’ Everything is Dead !! ’

The only thing in science that interests me is magnetism: eliminating the coefficient of friction. You know, something practical. Bacon understud this, you know, when we thought of people asking questions like: “Is everything alive?” were about. Even worst questions really. God almighty, how can the science angle be answered a few months ago? There must of been over 30,00 theorys on the theory of gravity in the last century. It does come full circle, nothing really moves does it? This is all the same lexicon repeated ad infinitum. The reinterpretation of soliphist’ mirror.

the earth is like a ballon, it is really static. Just like the ballon is sticky, so is the earth. grativity can be explained through a stick field.

heck if I know.


Actually, what I said was…

Why would I start a thread on a possible new ‘driving force behind gravity’, if it had already been solved ? :confused:

P.S. - Maybe I should have replaced ‘taken care of’ with ‘tackled’.

One more thing…

[size=150]30,000 !![/size]… That’s a bit of an exaggeration !!

I reckon it’s probably more like 30.

Have you ever seen my theory before ?.. If you have, then prove it.

Yes,the thing -in-itself is Will,every thing is the objectification of Will.nothing is more than that,including human beings.

Nothing is dead,the universe is also alive.If the universe is dead,there wouldn’t be any thing alive,including human beings.the differences between them are just different kinds of objectification of Will.

The world is will and the will is more real alive even than life itself,because life is only the will been objectified.

What if the question can’t be solved? What if all our intellect can do is gradually gather more and more data on how gravity works and integrate it better and better descriptions of how and why it works? Saying that living particles in the universe trying to huddle to keep warm causes gravity is kind of like giving gravity a purpose. Gravity exists for the purpose of keeping particles warm. But I don’t think we can know if there’s a final cause for anything, we can only know how and why the universe works the way it does, not “the purpose” of the structure of the universe’s patterns.

I’m not trying to suggest some ’ spiritual ’ purpose, if that’s what you’re hinting at? My theory is based on animal-like behaviour, at it’s most basic, and on the smallest scale.

Minus 270 C in outer space !! Think about how cold that is. Also, it is thought that all atomic movement ceases at -273.15 C [absolute zero]. This suggests to me that atoms effectively ’ die ’ at absolute zero.

Something to consider.

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There are many things that behave LIKE animals, but aren’t. Take growing crystals for example.

So just because atoms behave like animals doesn’t necessarily mean they are.

It’s a good analogy, but I’m not sure if the analogy itself goes far enough.

If humans are alive then cells are alive, and if cells are alive then atoms are alive? Then, if the universe is not intelligent then humans can’t be intelligent either?

Please don’t rule out a wedding of science and epistemolgy, which could produce explanatory offspring. Read Christian DeDuve’s, “Vital Dust”.
Therein, a nobel prize winning author gets to the marrow of the matter, dicussing panspermia, organic properties of clay and crystals, etc. It’s a good read because he writes well and documents claims.

I’m not sure anyone here is trying to deny that wedding.

This is electromagnetism, not gravity or a ‘stick field’. It is a forced thousands of times stronger than gravity, possibly enabling it travel through gravity with relative comfort. Instead of using nuclear fission to power us through space by the means of Newtonian action, re-action; electromagnetic cylinders will be used. Polaritys can be used in complex ways to create a craft that hovers through repellent forces thousands of times stronger than the gravity pulling it towards the greatest density. -Completely of topic.


There is a mountain of physics, or mythology as it really is, that shows the universe will get colder and carry on expanding instead of reaching that critical mass point; which many others believe has already been passed. Also, by everything how do you know that 95% of the universe we dont know and cant observe follows the same principles?

To sound lame though, the testament the observable that is fabricated in various density stars, creating various atoms which brought uner the right conditions do create simple chromatic structure etc. Is life. The universe been alive is Solipsism, assuming you are alive, you are, that is a [?] of you.


My point exactly… almost… I myself don’t believe the universe is intelligent, however, I do believe that most people today are underestimating the intelligence of atoms and even the subatomic particles, which combine to form them. Inner-Space is potentially as vast and infinite as Outer-Space. We are only, just now, scratching the surface.


I’ve looked at reviews of this title on amazon.com. I believe his story starts with " Basic physio-chemical forces permitted the spontaneous coming together of primordial molecules."

Does he suggest a ‘driving force’ for this ‘atom clumping / huddling’ ?

[size=117]To everybody,[/size]

Below, is an article which I think adds a lot of weight to my theory of gravity.

P.S. - [size=117]* If living atoms never stop moving, then a human, lying dead on the ground, is still moving *[/size]

[size=117]Philosophically speaking, how does this change our interpretation of reality ?[/size]

Kesh quote - The only thing in science that interests me is magnetism…

Right on :slight_smile:
Its one of those things we take for granted, yet its fabulously fascinating, the way they create a “force field”. For example lay two bar magnets on a table and push the “like” poles towards each other and you can actually feel them pushing against each other without making contact. Whats going in in that gap between them, is space itself being compressed?

Er… no. That happens with gravity. EM forces are carried by photons, massless particles that make up EM force fields (as well as light).

That being said, magnetism is kinda cool. MRI machines? Big giant magnets that align every atom in your body… now that’s cool.

Way off topic for this thread… but cool.

Thanks for acknowledging my imput here. Self-motivating systems such as DNA construction of organisms are their own driving force. Put these systems in a propitious environment and they do what they do.