Everything Is Alive !!


DNA : a two-stranded rope that is around 2 nanometers (nm) in diameter.

[ You probably knew that, but I had to look it up :slight_smile: ]

Two nanometers thick = between 10 and 20 atoms thick.

So, I suppose now the question is :

[size=117]" What compelled the atoms to come together (perhaps purely by accident) to create DNA ? "[/size]

I would suggest [ in a totally unprofessional capacity ] that each of the 116 unique atoms [elements]
has a preferred temperature, and in any given situation will gravitate towards the atom which is closest
to this temperature.

But then again, as I said, I’m not a professional.

[size=117]" But often it is the man with a PhD that has his mind clouded by the old…? "[/size]

[size=117]" Oh, how they laughed when it was said that the earth was not flat."[/size]

You and I are not too far apart in discussing self-motivating systems. To me it seems somewhat of a miracle that a complex protein (DNA) can produce proteins that extract from its composition the necessary elements for construction and maintenance of organisms. It appears redundant to me. But I don’t believe in miracles unless everything is a miracle. Of course environmental conditions, heat, pressure, resources, etc. fit into the equation. Are you looking for a cause for the effect?

Not by accident.

Neither does God directly guide each atom (Deus ex machina). Just as the watch does not happen either by accident or by divine design. They are both made by a very complex process. One is natural complexity. the other is by human design.

DNA is replicated specifically. That’s how dogs always give birth to dogs and cats to cats.


I started this thread because of a ‘flash of inspiration’ that struck me when wandering around Wikipedia and it’s links.

I am not " looking for a cause for the effect ". Quite the opposite. I am merely putting my ‘flash of inspiration’ on the table, and don’t mind one bit if someone comes along and trys to debunk it with some hard facts… Anybody ?

A poor analogy. [-X

A dog is a dog making factory… what else would it make but dogs? For it to make something other than a dog would take millions of years of evolution, or a freak mutation.

You are thinking macroscopic. And no, I’m not asking you to think microscopic. Think smaller, then think smaller again.

Also, where did I mention a GOD !!? It’s all about atoms (and smaller) exhibiting animal-like behaviour.

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Are you saying that atoms have some sort of physical motivation? Strictly speaking, don’t atoms simply react? What is your angle, physics? Atomic physics, quantum, etc.? My, admittedly underdeveloped, theory is that atoms simply react to their environment without any specific goal other than following their inalienable rules.

Have you developed your initial ‘flash’ more deeply? I’d be very interested to hear.


Strictly speaking, didn’t you just react?

“Life” is a question of complexity in structure, reproduction, motion, feeding, etc.

Don’t make me list of your inherent, universal constants. :wink:


Hmmm… yes. SirEbrum make a boo-boo. :blush:

Note: Every ‘animalistic’ has been replaced with ‘animal-like’. :wink:

Yes. Escaping the bitter cold of Outer Space. [ gravty? ]

Exactly… Isn’t that what I’ve been saying all along ?

All of the above. But I’m not an academic student/lecturer of such things. I’m just an amateur enthusiast.
But isn’t that where a lot of original trains of thought have started their journey ?

Sounds pretty similar to mine. Can’t you see the connection with cold —> gravity ?

I’m afraid not. We’ll have too piece it together as we go along.


Yah, sorry about that Dan~.

I suppose there’s really no avoiding the science angle here.

Feel free to ‘chip in’ scientifically any time you want. :confused:

Ah hah, I feel a light beginning to shine on me, I believe I’m starting to understand your flash. My rudimentary theory however would rely less on atoms reacting to temperature as that would simply be one of the forces they react to. I see atoms simply doing the only things they can do rather than seeking warmth they simply do what warmth (or cold) makes them do.

I think that my theory is less than yours since nothing is sought, everything just happens, if you catch my meaning.

Yes sir, yes I did. :sunglasses:

* NEWSFLASH * - SirEbrum Might Be A Genius After All. :smiley:

This just in : - According to historyoftheuniverse.com, gravity only came into being as the early universe began to cool after the Big Bang :

" 15 Billion Years ago not long after the big bang, the Universe grew bigger and [size=150]cooler[/size] still. The atoms moved slower and began to feel a weak force called gravity pulling them towards each other. Gravity is a weak force of attraction between every particle of matter in the Universe and every other particle. It is the force which holds us on to the Earth. Without it none of this story would have been possible.The particles thought to carry the gravitational field and give rise to the force of gravity are called gravitons. They have never been detected."
Source: historyoftheuniverse.com/gravity.html

Also, believe it or not, we have only known the temperature of Outer Space since [size=150]1989 !![/size]

[b]P.S. -[/b] This is interesting as well : [url=http://www.google.com/search?num=30&hl=en&lr=&safe=off&as_qdr=all&q=%22rubble+pile+asteroids%22&btnG=Search]A Google Search On "rubble pile asteroids"[/url]

I don’t mean to be rude, but are you serious?

Yes, I am totally serious.

Why do you ask ?

Has anyone yet dicovered the solid wall that separates inorganic from organic chemical activity?


Is this question supposed to assist me, or trip me up ? [ [size=84]not sure if I trust you Ierrellus[/size] ]

Whatever your intentions, I would ask you to clarify your question and perhaps
include some examples of these activities.

Because it seems you are suggesting that atoms and sub-atomic particles have nervous systems of their own as well as brains, without which there would be no capacity for any level of ‘intelligence’.

Of course everything is alive, even the piece of paper on your computer table, particles and atoms are acting and interacting with each other, isn’t (vibration)movement an attribute of life? Tear it up in smaller pieces and you cannot put it back, taping the pieces together would not look the same

What is the basic difference between the chemical reactions seen in the firing of a nerve cell and those seen in the firing of a nuclear weapon?