Evolution and the Great Ape God in heaven

Darwinism (the believe in our evolution from ape to man) and conventional Christianity surely cannot sit side by side in the same church of the christian god, for your holy bible says you were created in his image. Werent you?

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Anyways, I’m sure the religious folks on this forum would simply state that Genesis is a literary narrative, a metaphor, that isn’t to be taken literally.

Cut and trim to suits, of course.

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What about people who look just like apes? Or ones who act like them? There’s no shortage of these kinds of people.

Well, yes, dd, if I were to entertain my religious side, I would certainly stop short of accepting Genesis literally

Genesis contains not only fairy-tale-like story-telling technique, but conflicting chronological/“factual” reporting.

An even more basic challenge to Genesis goes beyond human history but to the alleged “history” of the universe which fails to tell us what God was doing before he created the heavens and the earth and why he chose to do so in the first place.

Yet outside the limiting literal perspectives we analyze, is it impossible that we can at once believe in evolution, for which there is scientific/rational evidence, and still find inspiration in certain aspects of religion’s voluminous works, for better or worse?

“In God’s image” goes beyond the literal or metaphorical sides of Genesis. I’m not a Christian or believer in any revealed religion, but if God exists, I think it would be absolutely true that we’re made in His image in that we’re both sentient or fully self-aware beings.

Dorky is pretty much right. While it’s true that we were created in God’s image, it’s impossible to miss the degree to which Scripture stresses how radically different God is from us, as well. So clearly there’s a matter of interpretation here.

It is this interpretational aspect, the adjustable and adaptable word of god in which ever book and by what ever name and it’s cause that will forever allow the followers of these texts to mould and shape the word in their respective books to suit what ever the final result, for it can be so interpreted.

Be it monkey or not, in the end, the ancient texts will hold a interpreted verse to claim it so written.

An ape perhaps not, and man surely not, but to it’s abilities and thinking we biological sculptures, stand at the very least, as prove…each and every one of us flawed or not by our standards of course.

6keys, Religion, at its core, is a set of beliefs that are used to perceive and interact with the world. Therefore, hopefully your religion is not at odds with the empirical data which it is meant to explain. If it is, then it’s not really doing its job.