evolution cyborg and beyond .

The idea of evolution can be extended to the future. Many has been around thousands of years and the question of survival of the species is questionable given the depressing present day scenario of the onslaught of generic schizophrenia that isattattacking the world , as manifested by the obvious symptoms generated by the increasing polarities between science and nature.

 The signs are everywhere , from faithlessness to global warming , to the breakdown of tradition and culture and finally the emergence of synthetic identity to accommodate virtuo reality.

   But stepping aside and sustaining a notion , that the world may have billions of years left  supposing an evolutionary continuum uninterrupted by a catastrophe either of  a natural or man made cause.

  How qkllt man look like in say 100,000,,000 years?  Will all of his organs be replaceable by organic/ inorganic transplants?  Will the brain be comprised by computer able to equal or surpass individuals albeit those who would be able to afford and deserve an eternal life?  Will they become the gods who may create other worlds to abate their loneliness?

 And will nature allow such gods?  Will they be allowed to overcome nature herself?
 James: if a differentiation is made between organic and inorganic life, yes, a reason can be spliced between them, and this question examined. However, carbon molecules in themselves can be seen as an intermediary, where the live tree become fossil become diamond has little to reason why this happened .  The question then arises, as to the meaning of what life is, and if the diamond is alive in some sense, since it is constituted from the same ingredients. Well, at least it's most important ingredient.