Evolution of Excess

I wanted to explore the idea of superhero’s as a possibility for human evolution. I began to state that it is possible that the human race will become a hybrid between organic and electronic, and perhaps through such a process even electromagnetic, able to exert control over forcefields by intent. I wanted to say that the question is most of all whether man is not too lazy to attempt this. This is an interesting question, despite super-heroism of cyborgs and chemical experiments.

What might or does drive man to become master of his own physics? Where is this ambition? How does one actively move toward evolutionary change? “Survival of the fittest…” I realized that sports is the game of the most physically fit. Consequently it draws science to investment in utilizing and increasing the potencies of the human body.

As war-making creature, the human has a lot of excessive aggression to channel into projects of power within the realm of play, whatever this can mean, within the boundaries of peace, and stretch this realm. War, after all, is when the rules of the game have been broken and there are no more rules, no more meaning, revolution/revaluation/reset. To grow, peace is required at least as an idea, to secure meaning in conquest and consequence in defeat. To extend the capacity of an organism of being aggressively self-sustaining (meaning-reading/writing) - i.e. its capacity to be.

More aggression has to be encompassed in the sphere of peace. Limited war always does embed itself in a circuit of peace, of equilibrium of challengers. As the area where (super)human ambition is embraced with the least scrupules, sports are no where near extreme enough.

World peace is imaginable only as a violent ritual of overcoming, an Olympic process. Gods have no morals, only interests, because they are too busy exerting their strength. This is the attraction of war for man - to exhaust himself.
All of existence is excess, and evolution is refinement of the release-mechanisms, the propelling of excess into becoming.

One can try to lift humanity from the bottom, although a bit easier to get above it and lift from the top. But it is really tough to lift it from within the middle.

…and why is this in Rant House?? :-s

It started out as a text on superoes, which I considered to be in place in the rant house.
I think that all kinds of up-lifting efforts must be rooted in a superior perspective. Where one applies the force is another matter. One might incite the lower instincts to aim at something higher than they are trained/used to, or draw the highest cognitive patterns to attach to an even higher idea-structure, but both approaches originate ‘‘in the heights’’.

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