Evropean Imperator Threatens Entire World:

[url=https://www.bitchute.com/video/cbEcdGowU0al/][u]Evropean Imperator of the 4th Reich, Klaus Schwab, threatens the entire world

until 100% of humanity is “vaccinated” with mRNA-injections (Bioweapons)

and the world successfully Depopulated (80% reduction of living people).[/u][/url]

Yes, the world economic forum is part of this. They want depopulation across multiple generations but especially to limit the fertility and limit the lifespan of people so the global depop will be more or less permanent. They also want to shove a lot of nanotechnology into our bodies that will be used to link us to their mark of the beast biosecurity systems in the global technofascism.

Russia and China seem to be resisting their hostile takeover with force right now.

Meanwhile America—USA/Canada, Australia, UK, the Anglo-sphere are fully on-board with the WEF.

The Davos Group includes Facebook, Big Tech, Twitter, etc. all will be used in their global spying and monetization scams.

Russia and China are part of it too. Russia just signed onto the 4th industrial revolution. And China is the near-perfect model for the kind of social credit, total surveillance and control system they want to setup in western countries.

Different countries and world leaders are “signed-up” but by degree. They do not necessarily hand their direct control and sovereignty over to the WEF and Klaus Schwab. The Chinese, for example, claim themselves as “The Last Sovereign Nation” (on Earth), meaning, that although they have deals with the WEF, they are still autonomous. Some interpret the Ukranian takeover as a battle between Nihilism and Traditionalism. Eastern/Asiatic nations do not necessarily allow some stipulations of the 4th Industrial Revolution, concerning Ethnic/Racial Homogeneity, which is a big part of the Globalist agenda.

If countries will not “allow” millions of third-world immigrants, then they are deemed a threat, because of how ‘democratic’ nations can use third-world injections of population as a solid voting-bloc.

Democracies can be, and are held hostage, by internationalist/globalists.

Furthermore, Politicians are snakes, and can turn on each-other as they often do in History. If Klaus Schwab and the Davos Group overplay their hand, and begin a world war, then all bets and deals can be called-off. Politicians lie to the people—but don’t forget that they lie to each-other as well. “Deals are made to be broken”.

Political leaders are bought and paid for, many of them are actors recruited and groomed to play the roles they now play, and most if not all of them are either bribed or blackmailed. Including the true believers. I’m sure this goes for Putin and Trump as well. The “outsiders” play their roles just like everyone else in the game.

“All the world’s a stage.”

Politics is nothing but a theater to appease the plebs, while those behind the curtains slowly put their plans into effect. This is nothing new, the only change is the scope; technology has allowed these ‘people’ to grip the entire world at once in their nefarious plans and agendas and multi-faceted violence. While previously there was at least a natural limit of the logistics and practical problems of trying to act on a global scale, modern technology has all but removed that limit.

Technology has also allowed an opportunity for the Plebians to educate and learn themselves about the plans, propaganda, and plotting from the Top-Down. Today’s overflow of information, leading to Dis/Misinformation, forces no excuses to responsible individuals who seek Truth or Understanding about the greater world. Just as the world self-proclaimed ‘Elites’ have elevated themselves, so too can the Plebs with more intelligence/foresight/ambition, allowing for greater competition.

Globalism requires a huge amount of energy, resources, and manpower to coordinate and organize. They are nowhere near infallible, will make mistakes, and in those lapses of judgment, new Leaders and pockets of human resistance can rise up.

Yes, they need massive inputs of energy on every level just to keep these globalist/NWO control systems functional. That’s the irony when compared to the outward appearances of decay/decline, which are really orchestrated semi-collapses of things that otherwise would have continued to exist just fine as they had in the recent past. It takes energy to demolish a building, but I suppose if you’re in the building and experiencing it fall in slow motion you might think the act of building-collapse is a kind of lack of energy rather than the result of a sudden input of it.

Look for the NWO types to begin pushing more heavily about energy reform. They need to secure new systems if reliable high-power energy across the entire planet in order to run their great reset technology including Web 3.0 spatial web and the internet of things/bodies.