Exercise of the non-analytical consciousness:

I would go so far as to say:

TV and idle-talk are no-good for the consciousness, compared to other activities.

Instead, listen to good-music. Not the pop garbage. Listen to complex and deep instrumental pieces. Instead of analysing, focus on raw awareness. Emerse yourselves in nature. Spend allot of time out-doors. Relax, meditate, and expand your awareness of nature.

I think that’d actually make you smarter than analysis and word-swapping, honestly, I think reduced logic is to the left of stupid.

You don’t think there is any pop music worth listening to?

Are simple pleasures inherently bad?

Can’t someone simultaneously appreciate a good Wagner opera and a good Bob Dylan tune for different reasons? Is this inherently worse than just appreciating the good Wagner opera?

Its different strokes for different folks really, i would not spend my day listening to classical music, not that i dont appreciate it but its not for me. Realistically its spend your time wisely, you need to experience life as much as analyse it or you get to the point when you have over analysed the same point to it distortion. So go out and make merry in the way that suits you. :laughing:

Oh goodie gum drops- aesthetics lets get this going
What makes great art?
Does it exist?
Is it all subjective?

Meantime check out warrior Queen!



Aesthetics is probably the most important part of philosophy, after ethics.

What makes great art? God knows (metephorically speaking) I know what I like many might not agree but thats up to them, thats the great thing about art, music etc it mirrors the diversity in the human race, neither right nor wrong just is.

Besides tv and idle talk are also subjective and can offer an insight to modern living and the thoughts that we have on them, it all depends on how you look at as usual.

I’m thinking metaphors and vagueness.

The use of the imagination i suppose is one answer as as the imagination is not a linear consruct as is science for example it can then produce many varied and wonderful outcomes.

he he :slight_smile:)

Gotta say, I turn off a philosopher when they get all prescriptivist about what to listen to, etc, etc. This includes Plato. When they start pronouncing some artforms as good for the soul and some as trash (but in some kind of unqualified absolute sense), it strikes me as more than a little snotty.

I’ll add clarification to that, because I’m not trying to attack anyone here.

For some, philosophy is a tool to separate the highbrow from the mainstream. Personally, I think it’s time philosophy came down from the hill it’s been feeling superior from, and met the people. It might gain some more widespread respect and use that way.

Actually the words they use, depending on the song and “artist”, may be a constant reaffirmation of a nonsensical culture, and a corrupt mode of thought. Cultural-hypnosis. :confused:

Well, I’d like to answer to the first part of the conversation.

Idle talk and TV, which I can only assume falls under “idle” activity, has a familiar smell to me. This is the kind of thing that comes down to us - or at least me, in America - from Puritanism. “Idle hands do the devil’s work.” It’s an ethical construct that champions making “proper” use of time and not engaging in something so unholy as ignoring constant self-improvement, a paranoia that stems from fear of an anthropomorphic, paternalistic, and particularly vengeful Big Brother God that’s always watching and hates to see you slouch.

But here’s the thing. This week, for instance, I started doing my new job in the mornings, while still doing my old job in the afternoon. It’s been very stressful, with a lot to absorb. So when I got home from work Friday night, I puttered around YouTube, had a beer, and listened to a lot of music, most of it pretty simple because I needed rest. In that sense I have to disagree with that ethic - too much slouching is no good, agreed, but not enough down-time, just constantly hammering away at life like it’s a never-ending laundry list of things to learn and experience, seems equally lacking. There is use to not thinking, and good use too - it lets your batteries recharge.

Consciousness has given us the gift of being able to see the amazing variety of modes of living and the ability to cultivate the richest artistic experiences, but it also gives us an awareness of when enough is enough, and sometimes the wisest thing is to just sit down, keep quiet, and not do much.

Simple pleasures are still pleasures, and as far as art goes, there’s as much to enjoy with Matisse, who’s always trying to be as simple as possible, as there is with someone as complex as Sol Lewitt. The real challenge, it would seem, is figuring out the relative values of all of it, seeing where thing sit in the spectrum of complexity as opposed to worth. I agree that the high-horse attitude of some philosophy needs real adjustment if it’s to remain relevant and powerful in our lives. To that end I can think of only one recommendation: everybody in the pool!

Dan for the most part I do find “pop” music as mind-numbing and soul destroying as country. Also i have found for me that there is an under tone of mind-control for the masses. Maybe as there are a large number of people out there that seem to enjoy it maybe thats just there taste and not mine. Maybe they just want some entertaining ditty to sing-a-long to and I would prefer something with a littl more for myself. As i said before different strokes for different folks. :wink:

different strokes for different folks, but personally this is how I live my life, with a few alterations.

I haven’t watched tv for a while, I spend most of my time out in nature learning guitar or just taking in whats around me.

I do listen to some pop music, but mostly delta prewar blues as that is my stroke.

buildings make me stressed, trees make me relaxed. That is my stroke too.

This seems to imply that you’re forcing your tastes on others and that those tastes are strictly limited to classical style.

Actually, from the point of view of a musician, it’s important to listen to all kinds of music. Find the best without limiting oneself to jazz, rock, classical, country, etc. I’ve actually found several techno songs that rich and deep.

Same. I’d even like to think I write a few.

What is it that’s so superior and “higher” about classical music anyway?

I listen to a bit of it. Some is good. Some is crap. It’s not necessarily deeper than other types of music, except for the complexity in many instances. I don’t see anything in one genre, about the genre, to make it loftier than others.