Exietence Is Not Going Anywhere!

P1 - Only existence can ‘exist’.
P2 - Any other concept is imaginary, and forming the concept is only the product of an ‘existing’ imagination
creating nonsensical symbols with no relationaship to existence.
Con - Therefore there is no existing state or place outside of existence.

P3 - Existence is all there ‘is’.
P4 - There is no place or state for it’s origin or demise.
Con - Therefore it is ‘always present’…existing, and there is no state/place for it go.

Only whiteness is white?

Nonsense. Only phenomena exist.

You’re thinking too small Faust.
Eixstence is all inclusive of any ‘thing’ or ‘non-thing’ that exists.
'Phenomena is not all inclusive like existence.

Any non-thing? That’s a convenience of language. Anything that exists is a thing, if we call it a thing.

I can assure you that I’m not thinking too small, brother.

somethingness exists, nothingness can not exist.Ergo somethingness is endless.

I made the argument somewhere else that ,imo, nothingness can only exist as formlessness (randomness), ie , it can only exist as potential.

Is a think a thing, or are all things actually thinks?

Ahhh. Will philosophy ever make anything of itself?

Perhaps not.

You mean it’s not doing what you want it to do?

Well, is a think a thing or not?

I have no idea what a “think” is, or even what it could be.

Ok, a “thought”.If I think of something that doesn’t exist is that a thing?

I wasn’t challeging your ability to think only which concept is larger.
Existence is all-inclusive of any word you can produce which symbolizes any thing or non-thing that exists.

Chester - The firing synapses is a phenomenon and has literal, empirical existence, yes. If you express this in language, then the pattern of air that is expelled from your mouth exists. As do the symbols you would use if you wrote it down.

What does not exist is an imaginary leprechaun. It makes no sense at all to say that an imaginary leprechaun exists. That’s an oxymoron.

The problem is that if you’re not obsessive about this, as I am, that you are liable to slip down that slippery slope to reification, metaphysics, danger, God, nonsense and even pox.

Seen is a million times.

whathe - fiction isn’t larger than fact.

It is an energetic pattern in your brain that’s it.
If it symbolizes an existing thing or process then it is a symbol.

I agree with this.My thoughts are not things, but my thoughts exist.

Yes, but I believe that all this comes from a pre-conception about the nature of reality. It is just as likely that reality is based purely on thoughts and not things.

That’s a vagary of language, Chester. Check out the ontological argument for the existence of God.

A leprechaun exists as potential.

That doesn’t mean anything, Chet.

Can I call you Chet?

I believe external reality may be made of thoughts.External reality is simply laws, ie, ideas that I must obey.

It means we can only think of things that have potential in reality.

Call me what ever you fucking like. :sunglasses: