existence has become problematic to us....

as I have been reading quite dense philosophical books of late, I
decided to break it up with a history book, a little light reading,
as it were, I choose the book, “The Icon and the Axe” an
interpretive history of Russian culture… by James H. Billington…

and I came across this about Russia around 1660’s and thereabouts,
and this quote which I find quite appropriate for our modern times…

“Unable to understand, let alone deal with the changes taking place around
them, Russians resorted to violence and clung desperately to forms and
distinctions that had already lost their meaning…
…The seventeenth century was a period when old answers were inadequate, but
new ones had not yet been found to take their place”

And here in a nutshell, describes our times… we are unable to understand,
little less deal with the changes taking place around us, and so we have resorted
to violence and clinging to forms and distinctions that have already lost their meaning…

and what has driven this new/old ‘‘times of troubles?’’

science and technology that we, the vast majority of people cannot
even understand, little less describe… who among us could
describe, little less repair our cars, our computers, a microwave,
a cell phone? Basic tools of technology that lie outside of our
understanding and to save our lives, we can’t even explain how
these tools of technology work…

it says something about human beings that we are for more adept
at the software of our existence then we are at the hardware of
our existence…we can handle the software of our tools far better
then we can deal with the hardware of our tools,

we have and people feels this on some level, lost control
of our tools, lost control of our lives on a very basic level,
from having no control over our workplaces to having no control
over our state, society, the science, politics, culture, technology,
even our very fate has slipped out of our control…

existence has become problematic to us…

and some of the “Answers” to us is nothing more than bullshit,
partisan bullshit… the right says, just return to god and all will be
well…here is more clinging to forms and traditions that have
left us, permanently…

we cannot go home again… for once was a time where the answers
were found in the forms and distinctions of yesteryear…
when the idea of god, country, state, actually meant something…
but we have left that sanctuary of childhood and the world
is no longer black and white…

I cannot state for sure what is good and what is evil… those are
childhood distinctions that have been destroyed by our modern age
of the Holocaust, Hiroshima, the long cold war, and the modern failure
of conservativism and capitalism and the Soviet Union…
if those three bedrock institutions have failed, then what is left?

we can begin to overcome our modern times of troubles if we
can actually admit the failures of capitalism, of conservatism
and of the Soviet Union…note that I did not include democracy…
for its very survival is in question, it hasn’t, at least not yet,
failed…but as long as money dominates within democracy, it
cannot survive for long…and we begin to see the allure of
a dictatorship under the village idiot of IQ45… in begging for
IQ45 to become dictator, as idiots like UR, Observe and gLOOM,
have done so, they have admitted that they are lost and in dire
need of being saved… and solution, as terrible as it is, is a solution…
to the question of existence being problematic to them…

for me, the answer to existence being problematic, is returning to
the answer that I and I alone, can decide what is right for me…
in other words, the answers to our trouble times is not for less
democracy, but more, far, far more democracy… to recapture
our point and purpose, means we have to take control of our
existence… take back the power that has been usurped by
corporate America… we return the power to the people by
making corporate America accountable to us, not us accountable
to corporate America…when the right fights and claims that
the tyranny lies in the government, they are fighting the last
war, the last centuries battle… for they haven’t yet seen that
the next battle for existence will be between corporate
America and the people…

if government, as it is today, simple a division of Mobil Exxon,
then we must fight corporate America, not the government…
and until the right/conservative see this, they will be fighting
the wrong war, the wrong battle…

we must reclaim our lives in a basic way… where, “we the people”,
are in charge, not corporate America…

and thus the answer to the question of, “why has existence become
problematic to us” lies in us retaking control of our existence…


Historically, one of things that happen in “times of troubles”
is the rise of religions and the religious impulse…

a return to the “values” of old is one means of “fixing”
the “times of troubles” but in fact, it does nothing of the sort…
especially given our “secular” times…when faced with a new situation,
we must respond with new answers and new insights into what it means
to be human…so for example, how does a return to religion
answer the myriad of problems we face today, including climate change,
overpopulation, pollution, income inequality, the rise of the corporate
takeover of America and other countries… I don’t see anywhere in the bible
any type of solutions to these problems… I have read the bible a dozen times
and no answer can be found there for our modern problems…

in fact, I would suggest that a return to the “old time religions” would
increase, not decrease our current problems…because of the reliance
of religions on god to be the solution… the old time thought that within
god lies the solutions to our daily problems…a reliance on god to solve
our problems, doesn’t solve our problems, it a simple means to abdicate
having responsibility for our problems… god will fix it, isn’t a solution,
it is a hope and a prayer… and how often do your hopes and prayers get

existence has become problematic to us because we have failed to
step forward and take responsibility/accountability for who we are
and what we have done… escaping into religion isn’t a way to take
any sort of responsibility for ourselves or who we are… as I have suggested,
religions does the exact opposite… and finding solutions to the myriad of problems
we have is done with an understanding that there are problems… the first step
to any solution is to accept that there are problems… and conservatives/the right
cannot even do that much… to them, there is no such thing as global warming, there
is no such thing as Covid 19, there is no such thing as income inequality,
the conservative denies, as a matter of principle, everything that is actually
a problem facing us today…denial isn’t a solution to one’s problems, it
is simple a way to avoid that problem in an attempt to kick the problem down
the road and let others deal with it…and in fact this widespread denial is
part of the reason why existence has become problematic to us…

it is simple a fact of life that we cannot, one cannot solve a problem if
one refuses to accept that there is a problem in the first place…

and that is where we are… trying to get the conservative, the right to
at least admit there are deep and troubling problems that we must face and
address if we are to get a handle on those problems…

life will become a little less problematic to us once we actually
engage with and accept that there are problems in our modern society…


another reason existence has become problematic to us is
the loss of ethics/morality… the question of the twentieth century
philosophy, since Nietzsche in fact, has been a question of ethics/morality…

what is ethics/morality given the events of the last 121 years…

since Auschwitz/the Holocaust, the bombing of Hiroshima, My Lia
massacre, Abu Ghraib torture, the internment camp of gitmo…
what is moral/ethical given these acts/actions that have defined
the 20th and 21st century…

I cannot see any difference between Nazi Germany/Holocaust
and the deaths of over 100,000 Iraqis and Afghanistan’s people during
the longest war in American history… one might say, well, the Nazi’s
killed over 6 million people and the American’s killed ONLY 100,000…
as if morality/ethics depends on the number killed…

if we condemn the Holocaust, we must then also condemn
the torture of people for information to “protect” America…

but therein lies the problem, we have no ethical/moral guidance
left to us… if we cannot see that there is no difference between Auschwitz and Gitmo,
we are lost…

the ethical/moral problem of the philosophers since Nietzsche, has not abated…
both Wittgenstein and Heidegger called themselves, Ethical philosophers…
the standard they were searching for, was an ethical and moral standard upon
which we can stand for… and abide…and given that we have established Gitmo,
we have accepted the idea that existence has become problematic for us…

one of the basic understandings of being human is to have an ethical/moral standard…
and we no longer have that… we have lost one of the basic understandings
of being human… it is in the ethical/moral standards that tells us who/what we are…
are we animal or are we animal/human or, is it possible that we are actually fully
human…we cannot answer that until we know what is ethical/moral…
and how we are to treat our fellow human beings…

You might say, Abortion is immoral/unethical… but how do we know if
we don’t have any moral or ethical standard upon which to base our
knowledge on…if you approve of the torture of people to gain information
to “protect” America, then you have no moral/ethical standards…
and anything, everything is ethical/morally possible… who can say?
I can’t and you can’t… you say “Gay marriage” is immoral… I say,
if we allow torture, then there is no such thing as an “immoral” act…
if Gitmo exists, then we have no moral/ethical standards…
if we allow the police to shoot and murder people whose only
crime is to be black, then we have no moral or ethical standards…

to proclaim an action to be moral/ethical because it falls
under the standard of being “patriotic” is to allow any action
to pass beyond the relm of moral/ethical… country trumps
ethics and morality… which is to say, there is no such thing
as ethics or morality…because any act can then be defended
as being in defense of country… we can defend the Holocaust
as being in defense of country, we can defend the bombing of
Hiroshima as being in defense of country, we can defend the “my Lia”
massacre as being in defense of country… we can defend abortion
as being in defense of country… we can defend any moral or ethically
dubious idea as being in defense of country…I can kill or murder
or torture anyone at any time and claim it is in defense of country…
which is exactly the Rittenhouse defense… to defend something
above life is to give it priority over life itself…we need no longer have
to worry about ethics or morality because we have abandoned it to
to it is no longer important compared to the safety and security of country…
we have lost at that point…
we no longer hold to any meaning of ethics or morality…
if we can excuse it to “the defense of country”…

as we have done so today… and we are now problematic to ourselves…
because we have no ethics, no morality, no values upon which we can act upon…

we are a lost people…


Who is this “we”?

You seem to be the only lost person here.

Are you going to shoot up a school?

I mean, what the fuck are you saying here?

I’m solid. I’m moral. I can prove morality.

What the fucks wrong with you dude?

I have some empathy for what PK is saying, although it’s a bit black and white, at least in how he’s presenting it. I’d rather focus on the parts that have some truth. He seems to be generalizing, but it is true that we are kind of like Russia at that time, in between two systems, clinging to some old ideas that don’t work, there’s a lot of confusion, and probably be some war before we get to the next phase, where we feel rooted in something we believe in. I’m thinking sort of a proto-post-scarcity, techno-driven anti-work sort of world. Be kind and peaceful is an idea that works. Maybe more decentralized self-governing area will pop up. Not sure it matters if everyone knows how tech works. Anyone CAN know how most things work.