"Existential Crisis: Our Modern Age"

The following collection of videos, for all intents and purposes, should be treated as a “film.” If you’re going to watch, please allow yourself a good two hours. Sit back, relax, maybe plug in a pair of headphones, enable full-screen mode, and watch it as you would any other film.

Thank you.

(Oh, one other thing that I should mention: while I take the liberty of calling it a film, it has not in any way been mastered; i.e., volume levels in particular will be imbalanced. Apologies in advance.)


That was an interesting, although somewhat unoriginal, theme. I think I would have appreciated it even more if it had gone without the sentimental music in the background. I’ve never heard of Carl Sagan before so it was nice to get something new I can look into. Maybe I’ll pick up one of his books.

To comment on the content itself I think us discovering alien life would be the fastest and -the pessimist might say- only way to getting all the peoples on the planet to work together. The best way to make friends with your enemy is to find an even greater enemy someone once said and I fear that is, sadly, very true. Unless our minds evolve to the next stage soon the human race could really use a common enemy. You could say global warming or nuclear weapons or famine in fact is that common enemy but we humans are still quite primitive and have a hard time understanding something that we can’t actually stick our sword through.

that enemy is us.

Well that would mean the saying would go: The best way to make friends with your enemy is to make you and your enemy the enemy… I dont know how much sense that makes.

it means the greatest enemy one encounters is oneself

it’s that enemy that creates all other enemies - see through him and you see through them all

—The only foe of nature is thought. Thought is the enemy of the human animal as well.
—Thought will change and eventualy destroy the earth. And as man move into the cosmos thought will destroy that too.
–If thought were to cease, we would dissapear. The only thing left would be the warm fuzzy animal, whose motives would be eating and reproducing.
—Hitlers, cancers, witch hunts, slavery, psychological fears, nationalism, patriotism, racism, would all dissapear along with us.
–The warm fuzzy animal would become part of nature and its cycles.

I do not share you view. I do not believe one can be enemies with oneself, other than in a metaphorical sense.

“Our great war is a spiritual war.”

  • Tyler Durden in Fight Club