Existential Elevators

Two bulbs that float in clandestine light
Mirrors shatter from the dead of night
Eyes that look within from that which sees
Shall climb the skies and dance the seas
Lift me bend me, make me still
I still can’t see until I’m on that hill
Stand me on the noon sunset
You can’t even grasp what I’ve seen yet
Take the time to find your own
Find me on eternal phone

Everyone’s got a thing,
some will shine and some will sing
Some will glory at the superbowl ring
Some will fight in the heat of the night,
surrounded by the spite from men alike
Some will have a wife and a friend for life
Some know only the walls and their strife

Glasses for the observer now
We’re born and live but don’t know how
This paradox is the starting line
We need someone, to this define
Man or woman, thing or beast
From west or south, north or east
The morals of of this ticket holder
Must be be of someone much much older
It’s that which clutters, misplaced value
This load of shit they try and sell you
Be at peace and listen still
It’s this cup of whispers we try and fill

I like it Gobbo

thx :slight_smile:

gobbo, i love it. first of all the title is awesome, and the poem is just beautiful, it has an ebb to it, a flow that pulls you back and forth until everything escapes you and you are left empty, blank (etc). it really does more than justice to existentialism, my friend! :wink:

I have to say that I really like this line: “It’s this cup of whispers we try and fill”. That, bro, is beautiful.

thx :smiley: