Existentialism and Job

So what are some people’s thoughts on viewing Job as an existentialist?

I think that Job, God, The Friends, the satan, and all the other sons of God were existentialists in the book of Job.

everyone is at least partly existentialist. those who deny it are delusional.

What does it mean to be an existentialist?

It’s basically when come face to face with absurdity of things and our experience of these things. It creates some angst that we have, and how we respond to this situation. It’s also about focusing on existence itself and how you interact with it. Take responsibility for your actions, and be lucid of the absurdity of things, but respond and take responsibility for your actions when you respond.

“Be quiet and let me talk! I accept whatever happens to me. I will put myself in danger and take my life in my own hands. I will continue to trust God even if he kills me. [a] But I will defend myself to his face. And if he lets me live, it will be because I had the confidence to speak. No guilty person would dare meet God face to face.” Job [-(

“He maintained that the individual is solely responsible for giving his or her own life meaning and for living that life.”

If this is the foundation of existentialism, then it is self-referential non-sense.

These types of doctrines originate in an egocentric mind that is clueless as to their purpose and function.

Relation to self is inadmissible. It is an absolute. It applies to everything, every concept, everywhere and for all time.

When we cannot see it, it does not mean we are functional, quite the contrary.

A = A, is the foundation of truth. A can neither add to itself, nor subtract from itself.

When one starts off a so called philosophy by violating the first principle of reasoning, is the author even worth a read for anything else than the study of psychological disorders? And those who claim to follow it, what of them? are they any better?

Philosopher8659 I like your style and willingness to tell it like you see it. But I missed your point. Your statements are so brief they’re obscure. Could you elaborate?

Why do you think existentialism, or that explanation of existentialism, is psychological disorders?

Does a toaster give itself meaning? Or a rock, or a tree, rat, or mouse, and, did the mind, which we call man, evolve itself for no particular reason? An effect without cause? Relation to self should be obvious.

For a clearer explanation, see the vid I Am Principles of Self-Realization. on YouTube or the Archive.

Watched yer video on youtube. Thanks …

May you find your wife.

But why go about it by jumping thru all these convoluted loops and hoops? If you gain a wife by these methods you’re likely to end up with a wife too loopy to want, or be able to live with.

It is not the people who promote reasoning that are loopy, but those who are quite incapable of it.

So something that is absolute is inadmissible? 8-[

And how is there a violation of the law of identity? You’d have to connect those dots. And do you talk about your conscious experiences? If you do, then you’re taking part in self-referential problems.

The dots are quite clear in my mind. When I read, I am always aware that it is not the authors responsibility to connect the dots for me. Just like when we were children, it was up to us to draw the figure. At what point, while growing up, do many people simply sit and look, and demand that someone raise the pencil for them, and draw?

If one cannot see a thing that is right in front of their face, how silly it is to demand that someone show it to them.

Would it help to do as Plato did, and ask, Do the eyes see themselves? Does the digestive system feed from itself? Do the lungs breathe themselves? But I see that would not do here. If one cannot understand reality, they take shelter in mysticism, and no one can help them.

Can you give yourself meaning?
Can you give yourself understanding?
Can you give yourself hope? Joy? Love? Fear? Hate?


An environmental acquisition system of a living organism is that system of an organism which must acquire something from the environment and process that which it has acquired for a product that maintains and promotes its own life.

So, does the ocular system see itself? Does the stomach feed on itself? Does the mind live by mental masturbation?

Now, how is it, at this day and age, that we, being mind, are completely clueless as to how to structure our life to maximize understanding of what we are, how to acquire what we need and what our job as mind is? And, when someone like me comes along, everyone is confused, what a strange creature that is!

But by starting a thread on promises and then failing to explain promises or referencing sources for promises you are causing and promoting confusion … and blaming us for it.

There is an old saying “The map is not the territory.” Once upon a time, there was a man who claimed that he wanted to be a farmer. However, he refused to go and get himself the territory and spent his life trying to grow his seeds within a map, which, over time, became quite unusable. However, he would just run and get another map and try again, and again. He never, in his life, brought any produce to market.

Have you come out here to tell us that we and everyone else in the world are stupid?

That’s not a new or deep and profound revelation. Human primates have been stupid from the beginning unto now … you and I included …

Even Einstein had the sense to realize : “We know nothing at all. All our knowledge is but the knowledge of schoolchildren. The real nature of things we shall never know.”

Now here you go, one moment trying to improve upon yourself, the next defending being just as you are.

Make up my mind for me.

8659, you’re as cute as all get-out … ya got me laughing

Well, I am using this forum for a diversion. I have some very difficult work in geometry to do, and it is like trying to stand on a nail getting it done.

So you’re being a Pitch-man out here?

If you have been to the internet archive, then you know I am not selling anything, I share the work for free. Philanthropy.

After all, what is a guy to do when he cannot do cross-word puzzle’s? I mean, how many people can claim to have discovered a whole new branch of geometry because they could not do cross-word puzzles?

Oh, try this on for a metaphor: Isaiah 28:11. This is one place about the so called “second-comming”,

“For with stammering lips and another tongue will he speak to this people.”

Now, do you think that new tongue will be German, French, English, or actually a new Universal language that demonstrates Truth, by providing, what, 2 or more witnesses or stammering? Hummmmmm. And, which language category is truth the easiest to attain to? Logic or analogic? And, are dreams and visions logical or analogical? Is logic universal or particular? Is analogic universal or particular? And is this language “open to interpretation”?

Damn, now I did a little work for you, and you will want it all.

For line must be upon line, precept upon precept. What is a formal system of reasoning, of judgment? And if such a person is to cast the truth to the ground, for man, do you think man already knows what truth is? And if man is not yet awake, will he not confuse wisdom with ignorance?

At any rate, human psychology is very, very primitive, or as I say, intelligence is relative, but no relative of mine. I have yet to see anyone get the second implication in that joke.

Perhaps, you do not view that statement in Isaiah as a promise. In which case, you don’t understand psychology at all. Since the mind function’s linguistically, it’s job is to predict the future, to predict the results of behavior. The farther into the future one can predict a thing, the more competent is that mind. That should scare anyone.