Existentialism and McDonalds

Here’s the situation.

There’s a McDonald’s sweepstakes, one of those monopoly things. My friend got Park Place. If he also got Boardwalk, he would win a million dollars. Apparently, my other friend found a Boardwalk piece in a lint trap in a laundry room, but didn’t thought my other friend had a Boardwalk, not a Park Place. He threw the Boardwalk away. There was one Boardwalk in the world. He threw away my friend’s chance for one million bucks (the guy who threw it away would have gotten 1/2 if he had given the Boardwalk to the guy with Park Place, so he got screwed over too). The guy who threw it away could be lying, but we’re pretty sure he’s not (he’s a trustworthy kid).

The guy who threw the piece away HATES McDonald’s (he’s a vegitarian, animal-rights type). But he and the friend with the Park Place just went to McDonald’s at the thrower-awayer’s insistance. It seems to me that the thrower-awayer is feeling angst. He had a chance for millions, for his dreams to come true, but he threw it away. So he’s now making a desperate attempt to miraculously find one non-existant Boardwalk, even though another Boardwalk doesn’t exist. He knows he’ll fail, but he tries anyway. This seems kind of existenitalist to me, throwing away the chance of a life time and buying a coke in a desperate attempt to get what was lost.

I don’t know. It could just be me. What do you all think?

Why would he dream about a Mc.Million dollars?
Doesn’t he trust in his own ability to satisfy himself?

he shouldn’t buy more coke… he should go look 4 that thing in the trash :astonished:

he should eat big macs