Exotic Places You Want To Visit

There’s a number of strange spots I would really like to visit.

The first one being Chernobyl, Ukraine. Along with the abandoned city just to the North, Prypiat. The whole area is still extremely dangerous to trek through due to incredibly high radiation levels. If you stick to the roads, it is fairly safe if you don’t spend too much time there. Also, in Prypiat, you can enter most of the abandoned buildings and homes. Up until the early 2000s, the city was literally a museum. Everything was exactly how it had been left, and at the time the area was under Soviet Russia’s rule. Now, everything has been looted from inside all the buildings. You must keep a geiger meter with you at all times to make sure you don’t get fried with radiation. The soil, wooden homes, and various other specifics are all way too radiant to get close. You can get a tour guide to tour the whole area, but many people say the silence in Prypiat is deafening, and makes you feel like the last person alive in the world. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prypiat

Secondly, I really would like to visit Easter Island. I’m sure you all know what there is to know about Easter Island. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Easter_island

The island has a rich, and somewhat vicious history.

The last area would be the tundra in Northern Canada, close to where Canada reaches the North Pole.

How about you guys? Any peculiar places you personally are interested in?

Pompeii - Ancient volcano site, preserved by the layer of ash that was spewn from Mt. Vesuvius.

Culloden Battlefield - Site of the last major battle to take place on the British Isles. The English order no prisoners to be taken and every Scottish soldier was killed. It’s the only battle fought by the British army NOT to be included on British military records.

Auschwitz - Speaks for its self. Eerie

The Dead Sea - So salty that you can easily float on its waters

Basra, for the culture. Easter Island, for the giant heads. I’d like to swim in the Mediterranean but they advise against that now as we’ve pumped it full of shit.

I dunno, the moon?

Brazil: in carnival season

Tibet: for the spirituality and snowboarding in the Himalayas

I want to visit Magsj’s body.

Now that’s exotic.

titanic toilets aside…

sure, easter island has great big heads…

PEZ heads vomit candy…



I do have a great bod, I have to admit that, hehe…

Burma (I am old and not interested in being pc)
India (Multiple times)

I will be more thorough

  1. Rio de Janeiro- girls, carnival, football, clubbing/nightlife
  2. Nepal- nepalese temple balls combined with beautiful mountain scenery
  3. Chuy Valley, Southern Kazakhstan- 400,000 hectares of wild cannabis(noted for its potency due to ideal weather conditions). I’d just camp out in the fields and cry from joy
  4. Phuket Island, Thailand- lovely name. smoke thai stick on the beach and get my dick sucked for low low prices :laughing: i’d also watch the loca muay thai
  5. Cuba- I live in a similar island now :laughing:, cheap holiday, brown latin booty and funny looking cars
  6. Carribean in general- weed, girls, party and novelty pidgin’ english
  7. North Korea- The fact that it isn’t accessible makes it desirable

also i’d like to visit Amsterdam and Los Angeles but i don’t think they’re exotic

Any cavern system, mine and any new or ancient underground labrynths/tunnels.


Kazakhstan is starting to sound real nice! I’ve been to Phuket, and it is indeed an amazing place. Nice choices. =D>

kazakhstan IS a really nice place. there’s loads to do and different landscapes( desert, mountains, plains, waterfalls etc). its a big country the size of India except much much less densely populated. the northern parts( where my mom’s from) in Siberia have loads of depressing Stalin style industrial cities, but have beautiful nature on the outside to compensate. The South,closer to the other “Stans”(uzbekistan) seems more Middle Eastern and has stable temperatures . The West looks like Iraq with all its oil thingies. The new capital, Astana is super modern with skyscrapers and shit. Americans like it there. The popos don’t hustle you(especially if you’re an American) unless you give them a reason specifically. tourism is undervalued there coz theres enough money coming in from natural resource exploitation. personally what id do is go on a rafting or horse riding trip in the mountain/lake regions, camp out and pick the mary jane in the fields

Magsj- i was referring to the Carribean accent, it’s funny and cool at the same time( eg like Bob Marley speaking) although I guess there’s a difference between Trinidadian and Jamaican for example(i guess jamaican is the one)

I know what you meant! :confused:

I am MORE than down to do that. Fuck that sounds great.

Hi Kriswest,

Can I come with?


What’s the matter with people here?

Sure you can Ed3. I think it would be far more educational and adventurous then a beach outing somewhere safe. To explore the inner workings of our world, that is truly exotic. What is wrong with them? Too many horror flicks? :laughing:

Northern Scotland
New Zealand