Explain your user's name.

Like the topic says…

I got mine from the poem by Lewis Carroll, “Jabberwocky”. There is a line in the poem that says, “Beware the jub jub bird and shun the frumious bandersnatch.” I thought that was kind of catchy!

So how did you come up with yours?

I like to observe.

A while back someone said Im a weird mix of both darkness and light…not quite sure what they meant but it sounded cool. :sunglasses: And I changed darkness to Shadow because it sounded better.

its my name.

btw i love that poem, the sense of nonsense…

I am of course thrice greater than hermes, I am Thoth, the god of all writing

The wizard Jafar from Alladin… first backwards… then forwards.

I’ve allways wondered why…good to see ya again. :wink:

At any rate, I feel mine is rather self-explanatory: I love BMW’s. Except, I kinda felt traitorous when my dad brought how a porsche for the weekend (he works at a dealership, and he was testing the car over the weekend). But, I won’t go there. :wink:

eh… when i first got here i had the opinion that it’d be cool if everyone was anonomous and it didnt matter who we are, just what we said. I now completly disagree with myself, however it now serves more of a reminder that my opinion can change and should be flexible to change according to new info…

i also realised one day that it would be kind of cool if my name was Ali…hence anonomous And Loving It…but my name’s not Ali… but if someones name is Ali I might consider a trade?..

A guy who’s unique, in a rather strange way: he always asks the most fundamental, undoubtable and unthinkable questions first.

You can change your user name.

Uniqor (yºº-nè-kºr) A congenital disorder, caused by the presence of an extra 21st chromosome, in which the affected person has mild to moderate mental retardation, short stature, and a flattened facial profile.

Man! I pissed some fly off here! He flies over forums trying to make some rather lame attack on me. Let me tell you for the last time: I’m here to talk about philosophy, you don’t like some of my questions? Someone else does. You should just stay on the wall and observe.


Mine is based on a medical term that I believe has a rather broad base for additional applications (the theory and the term itself).

About 5 years ago I was skateboarding an empty pool with a couple of buddies. I somehow fell and landed on my arm and broke it in 2 places. At first I didn’t feel anything. I didn’t even realize I had broken it. I got up as of nothing and soon realized the horror on the faces of my friends and looked down, saw my my bone popping out of my skin. I still didn’t feel a thing. It was not until I arived at the ER that I felt what was the most agonizing pain of my life. Could the reason for this be that the pain was so excruciating that the nerve gates in my spinal cord did not allow the pain messages to reach my brain?

That would definately qualify as an example I think.

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On with the show…

I bet NO ONE can figure mine out.



I got my username from an antagonist of some show, and thought it was a cool name. Heh.

syd barrett, founder of pink floyd, one of his albums was called the madcap laughs. i do like pink floyds music better than syd barretts solo, but still, he deserves my honor