Extended Family

Has anybody notice that people are more kind to their extended family members than they are to complete strangers?

What is the psychological significance of this?

Family loyalty, and all that…

It just amazes me how people are cruel to strangers outside of their extended families.

I think it has to do with proximity. We put a lot of weight in the word “family” and know that we will likely see these people throughout our lives. You can be unbelievably cruel to someone and never see them again. You will never be prompted to take responsibility for your action because it was only in that moment. However, you never know if you will see that person again and might have to call them “Sir, Ma’am” one day!

I think it has alot to do with the protection of offspring,the connection of blood relatives, and social investment.

Particularly those that we invest in socially we treat alot better than those we do not invest ourselves in socially at all.

Hence is the reason why people treat their extended family members more better than the stranger off the street because the extended family is invested in socially while as the stranger is not whom is viewed to be the more expendable and thus is treated far worse.

Yeah, tell me about it. It has something to do with perception and previous experience I guess. Bad experience embed in our mind, thus causing defensive reaction or another theory is just to “get it even”, you been hurt and now it is your turn.

There are also structural organizations where the members can only get a worthy/respectable place if they have been cruel to their own family. In such organizations it is mostly the AKA 'visual test`(possibly combined with verbal skills).

Hamilton’s rule, rB> C

“r= the genetic relatedness of the recipient to the actor, often defined as the probability that a gene picked randomly from each at the same locus is identical by descent.B= the additional reproductive benefit gained by the recipient of the altruistic act,C= the reproductive cost to the individual of performing the act.”

extended family share genes with you, being nice to them promotes genetic propogation. The same reason people treat close family better, its just muted with extended family members. Strangers share no genes most times, even then envoking familial bonds (" your a brother to me " ) can strengthen relationships. Though sometimes it may weaken them. (the term stepfather itself may be harmful).

people often do treat extended family, step family, and spouses poorly too, compared to close family. I’ve done a study of homicide between bloodkin for 2002 USA( i think) the rate of killings between family was listed as 20% where the victim/relationship was known, but less than a fraction of that 20% was actual close blood kin (mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters) it was mainly homicides between spouses, and step relations, when blood killed blood it was rare and usually extended family. The actual rate of family murder was like 1 or 2% probably less. (I’m unsure about exact stats I have pages of that study scattered in my room but it was based off the FBI database following a darwinian analysis, so its relevant )

Its not super complicated why people are nepotistic. (sp?)


Yeah that sounds exactly like what I’m illustrating.


That’s probally it right there.

Which is also the reason parents encourge their children to be nicer to their cousins. Your parents can share a lot more genes with your cousins, their nieces/nephews, than you do. Its a self interested tactic, most people don’t realize that though.

…that’s because most people are stupid/unaware/don’t know what’s going on - life/things are more simple/basic than most think #-o