Extension On "What Is Philosophy"

Philosophy = logic + Sience + Eperience

Philosophy = Assumptions + Opinions + Believes

So far arguing in this forum, I’m not sure whether these fomular still stand firm for me or not. Maybe the new fomular fit better? Have I lost faith in Philosophy? Will there ever be anwsers and truths? Is everything nothing but illusions? Can we ever come to agreement on abstract idea? How can I ever know If my logic and thinking is correct? What is correct?
What is everything? What is what? Why do I even ask? Am I dreaming?

Is Philosophy nothing important but what we have created simply to amuse ourselves? Or Philosophy is bond to appear since the ever enquiring mind of men? The Greek and Chinese thinkers appeared at about the same period in history, is it just a coincidence? If not, what does it imply about the nature of the birth of the subject? Is it an anti Myths thing for people who happened to find Myths no longer trustworthy, because of the misarable state of their society?

Obviously, we need something to fill our mind up, Myths, Religion or Philosophy. It is a human need, to ask why. It is another human need, to believe in an anwser. This is the farest/deepest that I could think about this particular subject as a whole. Whatever we think/do, we are trying to satisfy our born needs/desires. Look at cats and dogs, they play, eat and rest, and they are happy. For us, it’s simply just not that simple. Do you ever wish to be a hawk, that lives in the sky like a god? Actually, you don’t have to be, just join any Budhist temple.

Look back many many thousands years into our history, what do you see? Music? Painting? Religion? Philosophy? No! You see more body hairs and a little tail thing on the backside. We evolve, for what? To adapt in order to survive. After the Ice Age, we stood firm on the planet, but we didn’t stop evolving, for what now? For our insatiable wants. That’s why everything come into being; why everything gets expanded and complicated. We push the limit, of our physique, of our creations’ possibility, and of our want.

Philosophy = Want * “Knowledge” = Want

So, when is the end of the subject? When is the end of everthing? By the time we stop wanting, I suppose.