Fair Shake from Police

Yesterday, five friends and I went to a sand pit to do some plinking. We had a pretty good variety of weapons among us. Shotguns (we did some skeet shooting), pistols, from .22’s to .45’s, a couple of 30/30’s and a couple of tricked out military rifles - the scary-looking kind that are sometimes known as “assault” rifles.

At one point, we all loaded up and blasted away at some buckets - mostly to make a lot of noise. We then lit a joint up. Just as I was limpwristing my nine at nothing in particular, the cops showed up. Seems the town we were in has an ordinance that, except for shotgunning, shooters must have a six-foot backstop to shoot at.

Who knew?

Our “backstop” was a wooded area. We didn’t even know how deep it went, but it wasn’t anything like a mile. Maybe a few hundred yards. Maybe not.

The officers also managed to detect marijuana smoke, and were even able to pinpoint who had the just-damped joint in his pocket. They did a warrant check - and let us off with a warning.

I am not claiming a cause and effect here, but we were polite, respectful, nonargumentative and co-operative in every way. But surely it didn’t hurt. They could have busted all of us for the shooting ordinance, and at least three or four of us for weed (probable cause having been established). They didn’t even make two of the guys produce ID’s (they were in a car that was a few hundred yards away, as the access road to the pit was pretty rough.

Anyway, I just thought I’d pass that along. I have always been respectful of the police. I truly think it helps.

This is very true. I know one time when I was accused to distributing ecstasy, the cops were so refreshed by my politeness as well as relieved that I only had some marijuana that they let me go scot free.

A good attitude goes a long way. They are people too. The only time I had any problems is when a buddy of mine decided he wanted to pick a fight with the authority figures in question.

Yeah - the other thing was that we said very little. We answered every question, but we didn’t volunteer any information. A yes-or-no question was met with a yes or a no. Again, not in an uncooperative tone. it just doesn’t pay to blab away.

We might be able to construct a proper backstop - the property belongs to the family of one of the guys who was there. We’ll have to see. If we do, we’ll surely get checked out again. We will be more careful about the weed (and this was the first time we had no beer, just coincidentally).

And we’ll ask the cops if they want to squeeze a few rounds off from any of our weapons. Maybe shoot some skeet.

I am not anti-cop, to begin with.

But you can be enemies or you can be friends. They’re just doing their jobs. The best way to project that you’re not an enemy to the police is to not be an enemy to the police.

Good call, Faust!

I probably got away with public intoxication and underage consumption over a dozen times in my hometown just because I was respectful to the cops and never caused any trouble. I just liked getting drunk and walking around. It got to the point where the majority of them just waved at me when they passed by. There was always one that would tell me to start walking in the general direction of home if he saw me, but that was the worst of it.

Cops, especially in this guilty-before-innocent days, have had their natural predatory hunting instincts turned against the population. It’s when you trigger the ego that the arrests get made–it’s where the beatings and what not happen. Most of these guys are juiced up goons.

I would be polite at the very least. My parents are both police offices. I’ve gotten out of numerous drug stop things simply by knowing how cops operate and using that.

Well, I don’t think it is any secret that being a police officer attracts a certain type of personality. I find politeness works with cops because it plays to that. Not all cops, of course, but police in general are enriched for the sort of person who enjoys power-tripping. Being polite to the point of obsequiousness (provided you don’t ham it up so much that they realize it is an act) or, if you are female, crying, helps fulfill that need without them having to go all overt about it and use the system to make you pay attention.

Couple that with cops being people and, ehhh, you’ve got a good chance of getting out OK.

Good to see you back at ILP Gobbo.

Just don’t do shit and you won’t get arrested.

Zeusy - ya gotta do some shit once in a while. Some of the funnest shit is illegal.

I’m with Faust on this one.

It isn’t just that some laws are made to be broken, but rather that there is a certain degree of joy in breaking the law. And part of the joy is not getting caught, in being slick enough to manage that.

I still insist the best beer I’ve ever had was a Natty Ice Light. And, for the record, I’m quite the beer snob. But that individual beer was drank at 3 AM underneath flood-lights that made the street as bright as noon. At one end of the street – riot police facing a crowd. At the other end of the street – another set of riot police facing the crowd. Otherwise, the street was empty. Except for myself and three other brave souls who found a way to break through that barricade. We shared that beer and it was perfection. In the middle of the street, easy to see but unseen because they were all facing outwards.

Otherwise, I mean, have you tried Natty Ice Light? I mean, the beer if fucking terrible. But situation is everything. Laws enable those situations.

There are plenty of other situations where you can feel like a bad-ass without actually doing anything.

I was driving along with a relatively square friend of mine recently. I cracked a beer, handed it to him. He looked at me like I was insane and asked, “Is this legal?” Cracking my own, I took a sip and answered “Nope.” Super easy action, right? And entirely harmless. But damn did it make me look like a bad-ass. Again, it is all illusion. I didn’t actually do anything. But law creates a framework for me to work in.

Almost as good as that time where a friend of mine said, “Damn your Confucian values!” I had run towards riot police screaming, “I respect what you are doing!” And they pepper-sprayed the fuck out of me. It was awesome. Well, in retrospect.

You guys are nuts.

Yes…now I can see why you’re a moderator of a forum.

You think a job in where you can have power over others is perfectly fine and non detrimental to others.

Yes, Aidan - it defines me. My life would be empty, barren, without the unfettered power I feel, I possess here at ILP. Finally, I am the puppetmaster - controlling the very lives of you - pawns! Peons! I can break any and all of you on a whim!

I am a god!


But first…you’ll have to justify it with morals before you execute your power over others; just like policemen! It all a matter of how twisted they make their justifications!

I’ve seen moderators insult and even pay out others on other forums, like Paul on philosophyforums.com, and they all bring up “morals” time and time again to justify their behaviour to others. Like somehow…they are better than the supposed “rule-breakers” they ban for life. What a nice (Self-Righteous) bunch of people we are!

Don’t think for a second, Faust, I don’t see what is in you to have power even in the form of a forum moderator. You may be more subtle than most, but I’m not fooled in the slightest.

Incorrectamundo, my friend. Cops enforce laws; mods enforce forum rules. Morality is not a necessary component of either scenario.

I cannot speak to that. I don’t know Paul.

Oh, yeah. You should see the written test that members have to take to be a mod, here. It’s the same test as given by the National Fucktard Certification Board of Review.

I aced it.

But do you not understand that those are justifications tagged with morals, and the way they use those justifications in a moralistic, self-righteous way?

So tell me something…

Why did you want to become a moderator?

Morality is in everything, depending on how you define morals. It’s in what you eat for breakfast - are you a vegetarian, or not? Do you rob others of food by eating too much, or not? There was nothing remotely self-righteous about those cops.

I think I was asked to become one by another staff member. I don’t really remember. But no one really wants to mod the SS board - IIRC I was conscripted to do just that. The current SS mod wanted out. He was a friend, and I had and have other friends here. Imp is the one who got me to visit this site. I have known him for years (in the internet sense), I am fond of him - he’s a mod and was then. I was posting a lot - I currently have the second-highest post count of any member. So I am here a lot anyway. So I am happy to help out.

I have seen unmoderated board sites. They tend not to do so well. They tend to fade away. I like this site. I see no reason not to help out with it.

Oh yeah, and there’s my barely-subconscious desire to control others.

Dude - this is an internet message board website. It’s not real life. It’s a website.

I had my own message board website for a while, along with another person. It was destroyed from within - a long and not very interesting story. My former co-owner barely speaks to me - his choice, not mine. Two of the others who had a hand in the site’s destruction, I consider friends. I would be happy to have a beer with any and all of them.

It was only a website.

That may be, “dude”, but understand I am tired of hearing from mods who have justified their behaviour to others in increasingly nauseating ways. The experience of being banned for simply defeating a mod in an argument and then being told by the administrator who owned the site on YIM “We found you annoying, and we agreed we should look for ways to get rid of you” has scarred me to say the least.

You may think it’s “just a website”, but I see it as childishness; which I find humans seem to excel at. They make their guests feel uncomfortable, and I have seen so much disgusting kowtowing to mods who are only doing so to be left alone and even, in the worst cases, get benefits out of it.

I may only be 23, but I know better than to simply say such a thing as “get over it”, as you are now doing with “it’s just a website”.

People do not get over things. I don’t see what’s so hard in admitting that.

Yeah. Aidan, people do get over things.

I am truly sorry that your experience at PF has scarred you.

I am sorry that you have (allegedly) let a few people that you don’t know, who run a website that you can live without, defeat you so.

There is no sarcasm in this.

You won’t get over it if you don’t want to. But that’s a choice you make.

A being who sees its nothingness will not get over even the smallest and most ridiculous insult thrown at it.

You think you deal with it, but it’s just that you’re trying to make amends for it, whatever these moments were.


I think there is another way of looking at this. A being who [b]TRULY[/b] sees its nothingness I think WILL get over even the smallest and most ridiculous insult thrown at it - WHY? because in that case, how much meaning can anything have for THAT person?

When I use the word NOTHINGNESS here it is neither positive nor negative…it just is. We are all NOTHINGNESS.

Perhaps it is only the person who struggles with his own nothingness that sees meaning, even in the smallest and most ridiculous insult thrown at them. I’ve been there so I know…Ego struggles with its own Nothingness and finds meaning in everything meaningless…humility sees its own nothingness and finds no meaning in meaningless things.

And when you come right down to it, there are actually very, very, very few things in life that could hold that much meaning, i mean real meaning, if we stopped to examine it. It is in giving meaning to things that we screw ourselves up. This I am learning.