Faith, equality and murderous resentment

For ever since I can remember thinking about it, I was disturbed by the contradictions inherent in the Christian faith. In short, my observation was that the gospel preaches peace, and equality for all, but the practices are of a wholly different nature. The practitioners preach subjection and death to those do don’t subject. In a recent discussion here on ILP I encountered this mentality afresh.

Idioticidioms, who is apparently gathering steam on this trajectory, claims first that all humans are of equal merit, that “at the end of the day, you’re no better or worse than anyone else”, etc. A fact, he claimed.

I got in a disagreement with him over this, the details of which I won’t bother you with, but can be found here. And before you know it, he tells me “people like you should die”.

It took me a day or two to recognize that I had seen this pattern before. It is exactly the same as the Christian contradiction of ethics and conduct that struck me when I was a child:

  • Idioticidioms preaches that all humans are equal, and goes on to say that this should be realized in order to avert world -catastrophe. That a group-type, more ancient than other human groups where there is no difference between groups being fought out (he might mean before tribes realized that there were other tribes, or a mythical pre-tower-of-Babel perfect society where everyone is on good terms) will come to rule. No one will miss the resemblance to the Christian ideal.

  • When I tell him, in so many words, that he is not equal to me and that some groups have different fates, he switches to another modus entirely, a whole different set of premises. Idioms thesis is now, after he has been offended: “I hold the standard that allows me to decide who is valuable and who is expendable.” and “whoever stands in the way of people (especially myself) believing my gospel, must die”. Here, I trust no one will miss the resemblance to (classic, traditional) Christian conduct.

What we can discover here is the hatred behind the egalizing ideal. I won’t make a big point of this as it is well understood - I just offer Idioticidioms as an example of this ideal and the necessary hate that comes with it. For, if someone rises to make a value-claim to every human in the world, he must already be dangerously insane, so when his personal value-claim is contradicted, he lapses into a more natural expression of this insanity - hate, ‘righteous’ violence (such and such should die), ideological murder.

I, who do not claim universal value judgments, will simply state that I think that exponents of this mentality are sub-standard, sick, dangerous, but should be allowed their place to quietly suffer themselves, but not to impose their annihilistic instincts on the world. I claim that not all are the same merit, that some groups deserve to prosper and some deserve to die off. The latter is the same as what Idiotic feels, and what breaks out of him when he gets emotional, but he does not have the sophistication of mind that allows him to think it.

That is the problem underlying all egalitarian religions: lack of sophistication, inability to see the far-reaching contradictions implicit in their simple wishes.

To illustrate my own perspective on this I will offer two quotes from Camus that fell into my lap when I opened one of his notebooks.

" Revolt.
The collective passions overtake the individual passions.
People do not know how to love anymore. What interests them now is the human condition and not anymore individual destinies." (1945)

" Palante said rightly that if there is one truth single and universal, liberty has no reason for existing." (1947)