Fall of an Empire

This is for an english competition i recently entered…
Hope y’all like it.

The Fall of an Empire

A wave of panic flooded over the defending troops. They saw their last hopes crushed in the shadow of death, any possibility of glorious triumph was gone.
 When the attack had begun, the Verdantian stronghold had been hopeful at best, but morale had quickly deteriorated with the defeat of the berserker forces. They had been the first to leave the stronghold, and try to take on the invading wall of Iron Shields. They had been the first to die. As they had advanced, the Iron Shields had continued, paying them no attention. While the berserkers had hacked at the wall, it gradually closed over them, locking them from sight.  The screams of rage faded, one by one, until there was just a deathly silence. It seemed like an eternity, but finally, a scream rose from the walls.
    Arrows were loosed from their tense imprisonment, released in a barrage of piercing edges, aimed upwards, while quickly gaining momentum downwards, crashing into the raised shields. Then the gates opened, and tides off barbarian warriors surged forth. Charging into the narrow gap between the stronghold and the shields, they found that knocking away the shields heralded an unmerciful blackness. 

Warriors rushed into the gaps, war cries echoing from the seething shadow, all sight lost. Then, another silence, deeper, more final than that of the former, as the Shadows drifted over the tired mortar of the stronghold, devouring the remains of the warriors, and then absorbing their spirits.

It should have been longer, but the limit was 250 words.
Opinions appreciated.

why did you pick this subject? i would like to hear you explain what you think about this work and what you were trying to communicate.
right now, as a usa-er, i don’t like images that glorify war. in general. but, that has nothing in particular to do with your piece of writing. i’m just curious about what you are up to.

I just like writing fantasy stories, be it with anthro or humans, I find that if i like something, I can write it better.
I’m not trying to ‘glorify’ war, I just find that, on a level, epics, fantasy and medievel war are the things I like best to read about, and therefore to write about.

That was… sniff… BEATIFUL! Do I sense a tear? Oh, having a little moment here…

What post was that directed at, and was it sarcasm?
If it was for me, thanks.