Fallacious reasoning

Here are some of the most common form of groundless arguments that occur today:

(appeal to popularity)-(my fav) Just because most people believe in something, doesn’t make it true .

(the straw man) The war in Iraq is too costly in both lives and resources", describing pulling out as cowardly would be an example of a straw man.

(appeal to the person) Even if a cave man were to assert and idea, said idea must rise or fall ON ITS OWN MERITS, the source is irrelevant.

(appeal to tradition) Just because something is traditional or old, does not make it valid, no matter how many years it has been in use.

(Genetic fallacy)-Just because ideas surface from a particular source, if the source bears political or symbolic weight, this must not be taken into account.

(equivocation) This is when we get sometimes simple words mixed up:

“I’m a bad writer”

“if I’m a bad writer, then I’m a bad boy”

therefore I’m a bad boy

its very easy to confuse bad meaning: bad at writing, and bad: the behavioral term

(appeal to ignorance) just because something hasn’t been disproved, doesn’t mean its proved, similarly just because it hasn’t been proven true, doesn’t render it false.

(false dilemma) This is when we are given the option of 2 unattractive possibilities, and since one is unacceptable, you assume the other is correct, this is not the case.

“you must be rational, either you join the navy, or go bankrupt, since you obviously are not gonna join the navy, your gonna go bankrupt”.

It seems evident based on what we are presented, but to believe this would be to PRESUME the argument is sound, couldn’t i make an invention or get a job?

(begging the question) This is another of my favorites, this is similar to the false dilemma but it means that we must not presume the conclusion true because the premise states it. This is like saying god exists because he told me so in the bible, but more aptly this is when people draw out a simple statement and construe it as an argument like this : people have the right to a fair trial because those whom the state is obliged to protect and give consideration are automatically due judicial criminal proceedings, equitable by any reasonable standard.

this sentence is merely a statement of law which has been drawn out.

“people have the right to a fair trial because under the law, it is a protected right.”

(hasty generalization")is when u summarize something from an inadequate sample. “all the black people Ive met practiced voodoo, therefore all black people practice voodoo”.

(slippery slope) It is fallacious to assert that a chain of events will occur from one statement alone. "gay marriage will debase the value of traditional marriages , which will lead to an increase of divorces, which will harm our children

(division) Canada’s Parliament stinks, therefore every member of Canada’s Parliament stinks.

(Composition) each piece of wood in my house is lightweight, therefore my house is lightweight

Though some of these arguments seem trivial, others surprising, these bits of fallacious reasoning in their various forms often creep into your mind without you or your reader realizing it, it is your duty to be familiar with fallacious ways of thinking so you can avoid poisoning other readers with your writings.

(i see these arguments every day)

Human reasoning is possible because of our evolved prefrontal cortex. All reasoning amounts to a trial and error “what if” endogenous reaction to sensed exogenous activities. Consequently, reason can be fallacious or “truthful”. Some takes work; some don’t. If you are looking for reason, which is a human developmental tool, to provide unambiguous answers to all human concerns, you are asking a tool to be an answer.

i was leaning more towards “don’t let the tool be too complicated to use” where the tool is language.

Good to hear from you again, Ierrellus.

I love the observation of fallacies. I wish it was more standardized into early compulsory curriculum.

I think part of the reason that observation of fallacies are not so widely understood is because they haven’t been iconified and down-to-earth demonstrated enough.

I’d like to see these sorts of fallacies put into something like gif animations, java, or comic form. Using something like superhero stories or sci-fi to entice people, particularly young audiences.

People so often mix up cause and effect its not funny. What’s that called, causal fallacy? I think Nietzsche’s brilliance, as a philosopher, is in recognising this.


Logical Fallacies: The Fallacy Files

neat :slight_smile:

You didn’t know? I thought that site was like mandatory before being allowed to think philosophy :smiley: