Fallujah retaken with minimal infrastructure damage

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Some things I liked about Iraq’s recently retaking Fallujah:

  1. It doesn’t have the Hallmark elements of absolute destruction you see with Assad in Syria blowing up everything in sight with explosives and 50 Calibers, hoping to literally level all the opposition and the buildings they may or may not occupy. They actually took the time to build up fronts, selectively clear the city out piece by piece, blowing up only necessary strong hold positions, relying on maneuver more to clear out trouble spots.

War sucks, if it can be avoided, avoid it… but if your going to engage in it, you shouldn’t overturn and destroy everything either if you can help it. If your not engaging in a absolute genocide (and you shouldn’t be) then you need to leave something to the future. This means infrastructure, allowing civilians to flee, opposition to surrender if it can do so safely. I’m not talking Geneva convention, merely the metrics for post war success… you gotta give them a positive future. This means not killing off everything that is good in them, just to seek out the evil.

  1. They have made excellent use of concentration camps for the inhabitants… everyone fleeing or wanting to stay were disarmed and sent to these desert camps. This reduces civilian casualties within the war area, reduces risk in the rear as there are less potential fifth columnists looking to strike, and less risk to civilian collateral damage… the army can better control it’s front, supplies sent in are more effective as their supply lines aren’t supporting every house and street just taken, but only control points and the front. Allows government time to properly study who is in the camps, assert authority and rules on them, an expectation that is expected to be followed as long as their equivalent of military law continues (won’t be forever). Good time to preregister everyone with biometric ID cards, confirming who belongs where. There will always be migration and free movement in even the strictest regime, but people tend to stay in the same place generally over time. It is a lot easier to track terror cells in the long term with this kind of information… I’m not certain if this is occurring in the camps, but it really should. It is only ominous if your up to something wicked, not if your just a shopkeeper, mechanic or carpenter.

  2. Raises the bar of professionalism not just in the individual soldier, but in command. Means the military just mastered some of the principles of just war theory (which even Islam pisseses, contrary to some ignorant people’s presumptions) and can better use coercive force in the future with restraint. A country that can rule without smashing everything incoherently is one that has begun the long journey towards ruling by justice and the constraint of laws, not the passing extremes of emotions in men. A better educated and healthier, not to mention wealthier middle class population can arise under such a beginning. Assad’s Syria lacks such a future, as they are nothing more than a bunch of barrel bombing idiots. How can a system that taxes this population reasonable arise? How can you have peaceful exchanges between a prosecution and defence, seen legitimate by the population, arise when your approach is one of distant barrel bombings? Of civilian attrition?

So I take Fallujah positively. I was and remain deeply suspicious of the long term intent if the Irianian militias in Sunni territory, preferring a strong secular federal army made up of all elements of Iraqi society, but I can’t choose everything. If they show constraint and leave once a secular, local police presence is set up, I will be impressed and less likely to loath them in the future.

Hooray for government military imperialism worldwide…

Fallujah was a Iraqi city, isn’t imperialism.

No shit Sherlock. The Iraqi war is a direct result of American military imperialism from its very beginning.

No, it is the direct result of Saddam Hussein’s coup and military imperialism from the very beginning.

And this is a direct result of the revolutionary idealism floating around since Hegel.

As far as I’m concerned, your half responsible given Stirner and Marx’s influence on that lineage of thought. Your a second cousin to a predator drone in terms of cause and effect.

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A battalion is several hundred men, a brigade is at least 2+ ballations, having extra specialized support.

Why the Fuck would you send only one battalion in when attacking a village? I’ve seen battalions in US military training at NTC fail to take small villages against a entrenched enemy, they gotta use the whole brigade.

Why in the Fuck did we think a army that has only been around for one year, using our tech and tactics, would be any different from us?

If you can’t send in the whole brigade, don’t bother. Just finish training the whole brigade, get the commanders used to coordinating their assaults together without shooting each other up.

Why we didn’t have special forces embedded with them, radioing in updates is beyond me too. Obama… why do you always half ass the simple shit? We didn’t have one fucking guy with a radio with them. If we had but one American, it would of shown we would of backed them, and not looked to throw that force away. They remember the stunt you pulled with the Turkish based FSA, in abandoning them. One actual US soldier on the ground talking directly to the boom jets up in the sky, and they would of fought on, ISIS be damned.

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war does not just suck, it is immoral , a crime. Look for: War Is A Racket, by Major General Smedley Butler, 1935 (available online, free)

Fox being pro-war cartel requests an extended investigation, just do not trust ANY major broadcasts when it comes down to imperialism, corporate interests and the state of the economy.

Fallujah lies in ruins after enduring & devastating battle against ISIS, resulting in Islamic State fighters driven out of Iraqi city
6 July 2016 GMT (russia today video)

Yeah the military has mastered – what???.. Mastering the art of killing, right, It is easier to kill a million people than controlling them. With the $12B currently poured into A.I weaponry, obviously the OP poster has no idea of what he is talking about.

Democrat Zbigniew Brzezinski: “It is easier to kill one million people, than it is to control them. youtube.com/watch?v=CaMonYzPO0c

the whole “war on iraq” is a joke to start with. Saddam never was behind 911

Not to take war seriously in study and preperation, to neglect it when it is necessary, to not know when a task is necessary and not necessary, is the far greater sin. Nobody should be in eternal advocacy for or against it. It just something that is, and it should be embraced when it becomes a necessity. Ethics in war flows from this latter, and not the former. Ethics in War confirms and dismisses, refines and completes all other forms. Nothing can long exist without passing under it’s shadow, and all our actions, even the least warlike and most purposely peaceful, is but a statement to the prelude and continuation of war.

If a system existed to continuously encourage wars, I would oppose it. Pacifism and genocide both encourage wars. One may turn the other cheek, but also be prepared for great sacrifices to lifestyle through pogroms and decimation if left unchecked, by resistance or fleeing, or dissapearing into the unrecognizable aspects of life.

We live in modern states, of open justice with transparency regarding documentation,of free inquiry and political contest. The latter stage isn’t open to us as a policy, and as a result we need to know where to take stands, what to defend, to do it reactively and pro actively to the best balance between economization and human compassion we are capable of.

War sucks. I have seen it. Better words can be used, but sucks is quite sufficient. I don’t think you active grieve over the Moorish tribes living between the former Dutch Guyana and Brazil armed to the teeth save in the most remote of principles. You never consider the tensions currently in Sri Lanka or Uzbekistan, brimming yet suppressed, street fighting in Turkey or Thailand. These at best are remote concepts, if you ever consider or encounter them at all, and you do not offer up the same horror at the conflicts and lost of life than you give for personal tragedies. Your personal tragedies are so much worst, such has having your phone loss or missing a bus. That sucks, and for you in actuality is the worst tragedy, for it us near, and you are far. The institutional building of intellectual ideas wedded to know how sucks too, to a far higher degree of mental weariness and anxiety, working out priorities to return the situation progressively to a peace. Being in a war zone in the explosive carnage sucks as well. Dying too sucks as well. It is a all weather term.

I need to note FoxNews, as a representative of the Republican party, isn’t the major force advocating war. It increasingly backs Trump, who is far less a war hawk than Hillary and the left currently. I don’t know how developed his statecraft regarding war is, but he appears to have some of the same principles as I do… maintain a very strong military, don’t be afraid to use it if necessary, but it has to be competent and flexible… but a lot of war is unnecessary… we lost a lot of diplomatic opportunities due to our false projection of civilized elitism in pushing international strongmen into pariah status, not embracing them when they make peaceful overtures, or running from nascient alliances at the first sign of stress.

It produced a very ignorant and self righteous administration that took the policy of turning it’s back on middle of the road allies, offending friendly states, and of all insane things, acting moderately and with restraint with genocidal fanatical jihadi states…

We should be gathering the middle of the line states together in more than just dialogue under common purpose and common values, be they democracies or not, we should rub elbows with the dirty and effect efforts to keep both sides progressively clean (compromise with Qaddafi, Putin, or even the Taliban on parts via enmeshed missions and aggressive face to face diplomacy on the lowest of levels, not just the top most levels), and show no fucking mercy to those who are the most twiatedly abusive and murderous.

Martial philosophy can’t be divorce from the civil, stable futures have never resulted from this. A competent, restrained state unafraid of it’s own capacity, with a history of hitting back when provoked or even in advanced when faced with trouble have a long history of avoiding war.

War is not a singular thing, it is a coming existence. Anguish, apprehensiveness, anger, fear… shouldn’t be placed ignorantly against the abstraction of war, but the effects of war. We keep it at bay, but studying and preparing against it’s worst. Anything else invites war into us, and guarantees our destruction in the worst of ways. It is the true crime. If anyone is a member of the war cartel, it us you for cheer leading so vigorously for it, cheer leading for death is your sole passion, if we are to take a critical eye to the long term effects of accepting your outlook would bting us. War was, is, and will be. It is comming, if you hold the experiences and things in your life as good beyond war, then embrace it’s analytical study, and make conscious choices aimed at modulating and keeping it’s worst effects at bay, both for you and the opposition. This is the only path that has been shown to lead to widespread peace. That was the ideal behind the Marshall Plan and NATO and the UN. We arent even halfway to the end of war, but much the world currently does not kniw ut directly due to these meditated efforts. Screaming partisan dissaproval of a news agency, one of thousands around, doesnt suggest you approach concerns rationally ir with insight, much less reflective wisdom. It us kittle more than a emotive polemic for you, passed like a meme from one idiot to another. What impresses Kropotkin or another such forum fool doesnt impress a wiseman, and it is wise men we need in philosophy.

ita adversarum impetus rerum viri fortis non vertit animum: manet in statu et quidquid evenit in suum colorem trahit; est enim omnibus externis potentior. Nec hoc dico, non sentit illa, sed vincit.

Seneca, Prov. 2.1-2