False Fag Terrorism

This ol’ mantra ’ ‘but Christian and Jews do it too’. People haven’t killed in the name of Christianity on a mass scale for hundreds of years. There’s the IRA a few years back, and a few extremists in the anti-abortion and anti-homosexual brigade, but nothing like what Muslims are after.

It does matter what sources you present. If, for example, you showed some knowledge of the primary sources of information (the CCTV, the MI5 documents, the inquest testimony) then I’d be willing to have a discussion with you. But since you’ve just chopped out third-hand bunkum from the BBC and Wikipedia, I see no point in doing anything but refuting your claims.

And you are the one who brought up state conspiracies, not me.

Once more, because you’re obviously not very bright, I have looked at all the primary sources, I have read most of the tens of thousands of pages of inquest transcripts, I’ve watched all the released CCTV, I’ve studied the MI5 documents and how they relates to the two ISC reports, I’ve actually bothered to read the official Home Office narrative account, I’ve watched every interview I can find with eyewitnesses. Even after doing all that, I’m still not sure, though what is clear is that those four Muslims didn’t carry out the attacks.

Whereas you just read Wikipedia, and then repeated it. That’s prejudice and assumption. What I did is the OPPOSITE of prejudice and assumption.

I asked you for the evidence for this, you managed to find one youtube video of one Muslim ranting about some stuff…

You clearly do care, since you’ve tried so hard to convince me. You’ve really got your ass kicked in this exchange, I don’t know why you insist on perpetuating it. No one is going to read this and become convinced that your view is right and mine is wrong. Anyone who is undecided is going to see that I know a lot more about this than you, having actually bothered to look into it before forming an opinion, and that you’re just repeating propaganda.

Aww, you’ve really hurt my feelings with that one. I don’t know how I will cope with the rest of the day…

The IRA have killed a hell of a lot more people in Britain than Muslim terrorists have killed.

But then, the IRA was infiltrated by British military/intelligence, to the extent that the two heads of the IRA’s own internal security (their spycatchers) were both spies for the British. I can give you their names if you like…

I was not thinking just mass slaughter, and about a hundred years back good christians and jewish folk kept slaves anddid some pretty horrible things. As mentioned there is the IRA.
How about forcing people to become part of their religion, missionaries. Ok not Jewish but, lets look Israel. That is a hotbed of hate and violence hiding behind the US and the UN.

Arab Muslims were well involved in the slave trade as well. They still are when you consider women’s rights today (or should I say lack of rights).
Israel only seems a hotbed of hate and violence because they have neighbours who want to wipe them off the map.

I will keep posting up links under the “Cultural Enrichment” thread showing how much of a menace Islam is to Western countries. It might eventually click over that precautions and alarm are necessary to try and stop terrorist acts while we have these barbarians in our borders. That is if you believe in liberal democracy and human rights, if you don’t then you’ll find Islam is a sadist and control freak’s delight.

Women outnumber the men, if the women want to change things they could.
Now whatever could have provoked such hatred towards Israel? Hmmmm, could it be due the sweet kind honest ways o
f Israel was just too much to bear? And slavery is throughout Europe,Asia,Africa, Australia , the Americas. It ain’t just one group. Slavery is biig business. Take a guess what faiths are involved. Slave owners have Christian Judea backgrounds among others.
Soldiers of all background call upon their god to help them kill. Frankly religion is and has been used as a tool to hate and kill. Islamic/Muslims are no different or worse. They might be more gullible because their leaders sit nice and safe while their gullible idiot soldiers think iits cool to die in suicide missions. It might just be me but I think I would tell the leaders to kiss my ass. If they don’t do it I sure would’nt.

This has nothing to do with this thread, which is about terrorism. Having systematically failed to prove that Muslims pose a terrorist threat to Britain you’ve moved on to trying to prove they are all gang rapists.

Again, you’re not going to convince anyone of anything, except maybe that you’re a racist dickhead.

I could point out that the worst act of terrorist violence in Europe in nearly a decade was committed by a white, Aryan, Christian nationalist who hates Muslims, but I won’t…

That would not have involved an island, vacationing kids would it?

Dunno what you’re talking about, I mean, as we know, it’s only Muslims who massacre people because they’re inherently evil and trying to take over the Western World…

Yes you are right