Fame, by familial-association...

Is it fair that the offspring/siblings of the rich and famous make it off the name of their famous parents/siblings?

They are generally shunned unless they are around their own kind, that being other celebrity offspring/siblings, and are becoming a widespread epidemic, over here and in the U.S. Think, Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie, Kimberley Stuart, Jade/Elizabeth/James/Georgina Jagger, Solange Knowles, Calum Best, John Legend, Lil Bow Wow, Snoop Dog, Jack/Kelly Osbourne, etc…

They have access to resources and the right connections. It’s about who you know, not about your inherent talent so much.

I didn’t even know Tom Cruise had a 13 yr old son until it was announced he was to star in a new Will Smith movie. :-k

…the same movie that Will Smith’s son is going to appear in? :unamused:

Right now the UK party scene is full of alcoholic/drug taking offspring-of-the-rich/famous - it’s not my scene so they don’t bother me at all, but they are hindering those with better talents than they breaking through…

Like anything else, being a famous kids has its upsides and its downsides.

Can you imagine being followed around by hordes of photographers every second that you were in public, even when you are in the car someone might take it as a photo opportunity. Obviously, there are the more risque aspects like watching what you wear so nothing hangs out, but you have to consider the little things too. They can’t do what I can go out and do when I think nobody is looking. They cannot chew with their mouths open, adjust their genitals (Well, the guys, anyway) pick their noses in the car, scratch their asses, hock up a loogie, none of it or it is on the front page of the Enquirer or Star or some shit like that.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Imagine being criticized because you, (God forbid) gained three pounds, trace of the love handles, or maybe the most miniscule, barely noticeable unless in the right light and with some degree of photo editing bump of cellulite on your ass.

These kids get followed around from the time they are anywhere between 3-17 years old, and anyone is surprised how some of them can grow up and become so fucked up?

“Daddy, why can’t I go to the park and play basketball by myself like all of the other boys?”

“Because someone will kidnap you.”

I’m not saying that nobody would think it isn’t worth the money and the access to whatever you want, (including movie deals and record contracts) I’m sure that some people think it would be worth the money even though you have to grow, live, think and act so much differently than other people. I’m just saying it wouldn’t be worth it to me.