family stories that are passed down

The riddle thread reminded me of an amusing family story.

This is a True story.

How dumb is a horse? So dumb they will run off a cliff, that happened to a distant relation about 4 generations back. He robbed a bank, was unfamiliar with the area in Texas and he had turned to look back and watch the posse, that was about 100’ feet behind him waving arms telling him to stop or turn while they slowed to a stop, his horse ran straight off a cliff, killing my idiot relation and his idiot horse. The letter from the sherriff to his mother is still in the family. he died for 10$

This story is told about the same with some differences all the facts are hard to keep straight. he did die going over a cliff on his horse he did only get about 10$ so if you ever go to Texas and hear this one. it is also an Urban legend. My Grandmother had the letter. Not sure who has it now.

embarrassing but, at least you learn from it. I guess the question is which one was dumber the horse or my relation. LOL

Horses are dumb.

Not many animals will put up with some fat arse on his back all day long – except a married man, of course.



You are brave. Very brave, or related to that horse… :laughing: :laughing:

Interesting story, Kriswest,

My paternal grandfather was in the U.S. Cavalry. In 1916 he chased Pancho Villa down into Mexico with Black Jack Pershing.

One day, as my grandfather was out on patrol with his best friend, they rode across a steep decline. His friend’s horse stumbled and fell, trapping the unfortunate soldier underneath it. When my grandfather got to him he saw that the saddle-horn had impaled his friend in the chest, killing him.

My grandfather got drunk and shot-up the town that night. He was still in the stockade when Pershing’s division was shipped to France. They let him out in order to better fill the trenches.

He was wounded in France and sent home an invalid. He became an alchoholic and my father subsequently grew up in squalid poverty. This, in-turn, greatly affected my own childhood.

There’s many a twixt, 'tween the cup and the lip.


Here’s one that is only one generation old, involving my father and my grandmother.

My father was young, not sure how old…I think he said ten, but I can’t remember. Anyway, he and some friends were…yep, you guessed it, playing with matches (what kid isn’t fascinated with fire?), and they set fire, accidentally, to a row of bushes. Well, they got busted, and when my grandmother found out, she ordered my father to go out into the yard and cut a switch from a tree to be used in his wupping (that’s how they did it back in the days…they were hard-core). So, my father cut the biggest switch he could find and brought it to my grandmother. My grandmother, after noticing the size of the switch, was able to determine that my father felt deserving of the wupping, and that therefore it wasn’t necessary. She spared him.

See the parable? To this day I’m not sure if my father did this honestly, or cunningly, by suspecting that my grandmother wouldn’t wup him if he made it apparant that he felt guilty by cutting the biggest switch.

Personally, I wouldn’t have risked it. I woulda brought her a pine-needle if it were me.

it is interesting Pole and sad to see how an event in the past done by an ancestor can affect our lives either positive or negative. Perhaps that is why stories are shared to help us see lessons as well as be entertained or learn about family

Detrop I too woold find a nice tiny stick or a realllly dry brittle one.LOL
I think your Grandfather was wise and cunning LOL. That is a good story and parable. Hmm Your Grandfather maybe hiding other misadventures. LOL He sounds like he had some mischief in him.

LMMFAO, that is one of the damn funniest things I have read here, and yes, brave to boot.


Mas, the funniest things have a seed of truth wedged inside. This maybe why Kris and Bess are ignoring me :laughing:

Tent, I do resemble a horse but modesty prevents me from bragging :unamused:

Great stories guys… any more?


Me ignore you? Never ever I just could not top what you wrote it ripped my sides so… I checked, my arse is skinny enough that riding would of course be difficult and painful since my horse is ridged but adoriable. I have to use a leader instead. A very long one to avoid the cantankerous hooves :laughing: :laughing: