fate and destiny

is everything predetermined or just determined?

every breath, every step, every action, every nerve impulse, everything determined?

There are different kinds of determination:

Concsious and unconscious determination.

Hand movements are conscious determination.
Heart beats are unconscious determination.

what about when u has mastered a piano piece, u can play it unconsciously, “in a zone”

and what you run around to raise your heart beat, does that make it conscious?


The only ‘fate’ in our universe is expansion and contraction.

And to be more precise, it is a characteristic of existence rather than the idea
of an intelligent decision some one made and no one can escape.

People conjure up words like ‘fate’ and ‘destiny’ because they do not realize existence
only temporarily evolves intelligence/personality during the eternal cycle of it’s repetitive behavior, and
definitely not at the start of an expansive period (or prior to ‘creation’ as some would call it)

The error we make is not realizing that
intelligence/personality is not eternal or ‘always present’ in existence.
This error in logic distorts everything and creates all kinds of mythology.

What most people call ‘creation’ is just the expansive stage of energy into it’s more complex vibration
during it’s constant movement in and out of itself.

As humans we always want to personalize existence and give it a personal creator
because until recently we haven’t seen the big picture.



change is the only constant

birth did not come with my consent nor did I give permision to my death. birth and death are not choices, so I have trouble to believe this middle grace period offers anything other than cause and effect.

That said, I believe the only way to function in this life is to have faith in the illusion of choice.

The past is fixed, and the future is free to this illusion. Dare I say the present is mix of both . . .

The fact is, everything I’ve said here has been influenced by thinkers other than myself. I’ve borrowed from souces that I can no longer cite. They borrowed their ideas from thinkers other than themselves. And so on . . . there in nothing original under sun.

My brain tells me to stop typing here.

If you believe in an “Almighty God” and count prior knowledge of history as predetermination then I would say yes, everything is predetermined.

If you do not believe in an “Almighty God” then I would say no, everything is not predetermined.

If you read the word determined and think “caused” then I would say yes, everything is determined.

If you read the word determined and think “fated”, “destined”, or “inevitable”, then I would say no, everything is not determined.

To the empirical sciences, the large scale universe is a world of determinants, but the small (quantum) scale universe is a sea of potentialities.

Nothing is determined. It’s completely up to you to do what you want to do. If fate existed, then none of us are acutally living our lives. To have no control of where my life takes me…now that’s just a scary thought.

Not necessarily.