Father of the Internet 2.0

Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the web, is working on a “do over”, a web where you own your own data. How will man mess this improvement up? The evil geniuses of big tech probably already have a plan.

I guess he’s not happy with what his creation has become…

The inventors and writers intention, is always over-looked.

The Fascists will try with all their might to stop something like that from being implemented. They won’t allow somebody to interlude upon their dominion of slaves.

i thought al gore invented the internet

How many internets will there be, 2, several, dozens?

Is there a limit?

In any case, I wish him luck.

Even then, if Tim Berners-Lee wanted to change something, he most likely wouldn’t have a chance to do it, would he?

Why didn’t he think earlier about the huge problems that the Internet already brought us shortly after its creation?

Maybe Berners-Lee was one of those who won back then, but while the others have won and probably will continue to win, he hasn’t won in quite some time.

Removed inconsequential.

I can think of many problems with the internet, but they may not be the same as the problems you are referring to.

Which particular problems are you referring to above?

I think of the problems that the so-called “social media” in particular have brought: internet communism, e.g. total surveillance through AI censorship, neo-speech, cash withdrawal through digital money, just communism.

I couldn’t agree more. Another aspect of the internet that I dislike is that it creates isolation. People start to depend on the internet for socialising or for business instead of talking to people face to face. Nowadays people increasingly experience life second hand through the internet. I once heard a man on the radio say that he did not have to go out into the world because google brings the world to his living room.

That’s why I put the word “social media” in quotes. I mainly meant that “social media” are the most antisocial of the whole internet. The “social media” cause all this antisociality, this isolation up to autism. The word “social media” is one of the countless words of the neo-speak (newspeak). The people should not notice how antisocial the “social media” are.

The internet has been being antisocial and isolating in its effect since its very beginning.

This man is socially dead. :frowning:

No one in their right mind would want to take a virtual tour of, say, Thailand, rather than going there to experience it first hand.

This 60s song is very relevant, I think, when considering the ultimate effects of dependence on technology: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdSqLfuRN18

Yes. This process seems unstoppable. Nevertheless, it will stop because the people necessary for it will die out (this process is already underway - you can also call it “intelligence destruction”).