Favorite things?

Some of my favorite things are Beer, Pipe tobacco and Cigars. My current favorite Cigar is Ashton Wizards. At least it is one of the few I’ve purchased more than once, I usually try a new cigar every time. I love my pipe, and smoke every different kind of flavor I can get. For beer, I drink stouts, of almost any sort. The best is bourbon barrel stouts, such as the Jack Daniels Barrel Aged Yeti by Great Divide. (Which they served once, I lucked out to be there that day…)

What are some of your favorite things?

Great Divide Yeti is one of my favorite beers. Have you had the dark lord imperial stout? It’s fantastic. I too enjoy a stout that the light wont shine through. I’m not a big cigar smoker, but every time I leave the US, I pick up some cubans for the novelty because we can’t have them here. I’ve had some that were unsmokable as far as my palette was concerned, and some that were surprisingly nice. I’m not even close to a connoisseur, but occasionally it’s alright to smoke a cigar and take a funny pic of it.

By favorite thing is probably money. You can just do so much with it. People want it so bad that if you give them some they will do things for you. You can trade it for all kinds of things…like beer.

Barring things that I could buy or hold in my hand. I really enjoy owning all my time, and I enjoy the people that I am surrounded by. It makes me happier than anyone I know that I can at the drop of a hat go and do things without being on a schedule and that there are always people who can go along.

I have not had the Dark Lord :laughing: I’ll put it on my list.
Have you had the ten FIDY? It’s beautiful to pour, like oil.

I would like to try a Cuban Cigar one day… Lousy Commies… <-joke

Money is the representation of resources. Having more would be nice… Cuz, more beer.

Yeah, friends are good.

Never had the ten fiddy. I actually brewed a bit of beer for a while a few years ago. You can go crazy and make stouts that are yeti-thick and 13-14% if you want.

If you find yourself on vacation and looking for cuban cigars, it’s important to take note that there are tons of fake ones out there. Especially among those islands in the Caribbean and places in Mexico. The real ones are expensive, and will be in a fancy store that has a big “cubanos” sign it’s like some kind of logo that let’s you know the place is legit. If a guy walks up to you and offers you a box of 20 cigars for 20 bucks, (as happened to me in Santo Domingo), chances are they aren’t real, no matter how well they are counterfeited. Canada has some shops near the border close to Niagara Falls, and Bermuda has an authorized dealer called “chatham house” I think. Most places in western Europe that a tourist would want to go more than likely wont have people out selling fakes and the authorized dealers should be easy to find.

I don’t like beer, never did. I don’t understand people’s obsession with it, same with cigarettes. They make you stink and waste your money. And when it comes to girls, it makes their vaginas have an unpleasant odor and flavor, making oral sex much less enjoyable.

I like playing soccer with my friends on weekends. Which is odd, cause I HATE watching soccer. Probably has to do with the fact that I’m in a better shape than most of my friends and play better than all of them :smiley:

Beer, harmonicas, guitars and old folk songs. The net is great for finding the latter. Just found “Everytime I go to town, the boys keep kicking my dog around.” Bob Dylan did a version of it; but IMHO the old bluegrass bands did it better. I’m up to attempting to play a song that was popular in 1928.

Every song Bob Dylan did, another band did a better version… And I’m a fan of his…

I love the blues and some good folk songs. Going to check out that song… RIGHT NOW!

Playing soccer was a great in my youth.