Favorite Websites

I’ll be honest… I’m just bored and I want some places to surf.

So here is my question:

Besides this one obviously, what are your favorite websites?

It can be anything… for example bluespeed9.com has amazing fractals

Let’s hear it folks

damn… talk about shut down

Here you go OG. Conscious music as my friend calls it.

freakyandfree.com/discograph … graphy=all

and you can get the soundtrack to Bomb the World and Oh my God here…


I don’t understand the reason why
You tellin’ us all that we need to unify
Rally round the flag
And beat the drums of war
Sing the same old songs
Ya know we heard 'em all before

You tellin’ me it’s unpatriotic
But I call it what I see it
When I see it’s idiotic
The tears of one mother
Are the same as any other
Drop food on the kids
While you’re murderin’ their fathers
But don’t bother to show it on CNN
Brothers and sisters don’t believe them
It’s not a war against evil
It’s really just revenge
Engaged by the poorest by the same rich men
Fight terrorists wherever they be found
But why you not bombing Tim McVeigh’s hometown?
You can say what you want propaganda television
But all bombing is terrorism

We can chase down all our enemies
Bring them to their knees
We can bomb the world to pieces
But we can’t bomb it into peace
Whoa we may even find a solution
To hunger and disease
We can bomb the world to pieces
But we can’t bomb it into peace

Fire in the skies
Many people died
And no one even really knows why
They tellin’ lies of division and fear
We yelled and cried
No one listened for years
But like, “who put us here?”
And who’s responsible?
Well, there’s no debatin’
Cause if they ask me I say
It’s big corporations
World trade organisation
Tri-lateral action
International sanctions, Satan
Seems like it’ll be an endless price tag
Of wars tremendous
And most disturbingly
The death toll is so horrendous
So I send this to those
Who say they defend us
Send us into harm’s way
We should all make a remembrance that
This is bigger than terrorism
Blood is blood is blood and um
Love is true vision
Who will listen?
How many songs it takes for you to see
You can bomb the world to pieces
You can’t bomb it into peace

Power to the peaceful
And I say, love to the people y’all
Power to the peaceful
And I say, love to the people y’all

  • Michael Franti, Bomb the World

And this one…

Oh my, oh my God
out here mama they got us livin’ suicide
singin’ oh my, oh my God
out here mama they got us livin’ genocide

Slam bam I come unseen
but like gasoline you tell I’m in the tank
like money in the bank
I smell appealing, but I’m toxic, can send you reeling
without an inklin’, keep ya thinkin’
‘cause you gave cash to the feds, left your school district for dead
fucked you up in the head, but still they sayin’ nothin’s wrong
still believing the systems workin’
while half of my people are still out of workin’
anonymous notesleft in the pockets and coats
of judges and juries from ‘Frisco and Jersey
threats and protests politicians mob debts
trumped up charges and phony arrests
stage a lethal injection, the night before the election
‘cause he got donations from the prison guard’s union

Listen to my stethoscope on a rope
internal lullabies, human cries
thumps and silence, the language and violence
algorithmic, cataclysmic, seismic, biorhythmic
you can make a life longer, but you can’t save it
you can make a clone and then you try to enslave it?
stealin’ DNA samples from the unborn
and then you comin’ after us
‘cause we sampled a James Brown horn?
scientists who’s God is progress
a four-headed sheep is their latest project
the CIA runin’ like that Jones from Indiana
but they still won’t talk about that Jones in Guyana
this ain’t no cartoon, no one slips on bananas
do you really think that that car killed Diana
hell I shot Ronald Regan, I shot JFK

I slept with Marilyn she sung me “Happy Birthday”

Well politicians got lipstick on the collar
the whole media started to holler
but I don’t give a fuck who they screwin’ in private
I wanna know who they screwin’ in public
robbin’, cheatin’, stealin’
white collar criminal
McDonald eatin, you deserve a beatin’
send you home a weepin’, with a fat bill for your Caribbean weekend
for just about anything they can bust us
false advertising sayin’ “Halls of Justice”
you tellin’ the youth don’t be so violent
then you drop bombs on every single continent
mandatory minimum sentencin’
‘cause he got caught with a pocket full of medicine
do that again another ten up in the pen
I feel so mad I wanna bomb an institution

  • Michael Franti, Oh my God


Michael Franti & Spearhead are awesome… I had never checked out their site though…

thx Liquid :smiley:

check out






This is some of the funniest stuff you will ever read.


Go to the achived stories at the bottom.

rofl Bess… that site is awesome

Thanks everyone else too… I’ll post some more of my fav’s when I get out of this fog of smoke I seem to be in right now.

need i say it ?

other than that, rotten.com is my favourite newsfeed/library. the librarian is well hidden, you won;t find a link but you can always go rotten.com/library

I’ve been getting into thislife.org It is the archives of “This American Life” radio show produced by Chicago Public Radio. I found it to be some great listening.

Why does it not surprise me that zenofeller would have a website telling of the most infamous gangbang.

Actually, Z, the site was pretty cool. Not bad for a guy in a dumb suit. :wink:

ever want to destroy the world?



bessy, you are obviously talking of american suits. yea, they are dumb, i can’t find one here to be burried in. however, i imported a suitcasefull. not a thing dumb about em all :smiley:

If you have a high-speed internet connection, you must check out one site above all…


Do not leave this site until you have had a chance to browse through everything because you will be astonished at the purity of vision this displays.

There’s also a slew of other sites that are wonderful visual treats by themselves… here’s a couple:


All I have to say about 2advanced is… wow

Google.Com :sunglasses:

download.start.bg - oh, definitely ;")

Don’t forget, that I live in Bulgaria ;")
If you notice problems with encoding, change to windows cp1251.



Oooooh. So you wear Italian suits? Very nice. Love the cut.

My favorite Bad Movie Review Site:

His fellows in crime:

Unlocking the inner Painter:

The Dictionary of the History of Ideas:
(a bit dry, but informative)

Literary Terms and Definitions
guweb2.gonzaga.edu/faculty/wheel … rms_A.html


I looooove that artpad and played with it for at least 20 min. (I almost sent you one of my paintings). Another site I can’t live without is answers.com which has info on just about anything!

Here’s some sites I enjoy going to…
Because I’m a huge movie nerd and like keeping up on films coming out…

For a plethora of amusing flash animations

And for more movie revues than you can shake a stick at

Last but not least its the greatest Hobbit themed rap group on the ‘net, yes I’m talkin’ 'bout Lords of the Rhymes!