FCC loses Comcast's court challenge

Comcast on Tuesday won a legal challenge against the Federal Communications Commission, in a ruling by a federal court that undermines the agency’s ability to regulate Internet service providers.

Regulation, in the context of ISP bandwidth regulation, is tantamount to control - not simply following some simple set of rules.

The simplest analogy is a hair salon. Women with long hair are charged extra for hair cuts/servicing as they typically - though not always - require considerably more attention and, in short, “cost” - both direct in the form of hours spent and indirectly, in the form of other customers not serviced.

If there were a regulation that violated the rights of hair salon owners to charge whatever prices they wanted - it would only increase the fees charged to the quick, simple short hair cuts - and all other simple (higher profit) services - in order to cover the forced reduction in fees for the more onerous services.

The telecoms are no exception. Bandwidth is not some “right”. It is a product/service - provided at great expense by private enterprise. Contracts, for the most part, provide the basis for access to the internet. If you want to run more complex and heavy bandwidth applications through the internet - expect to pay for it.

Additionally - if your product/application that requires the internet directly competes with a product/service the telecom offers - expect to be blocked. By what right can government force a business to give impartial treatment to a direct competitor?

Dairdo, dont waste your breath throwing logic and reason around with the likes of those here, they dont even know what youre saying, literally they do not speak the language.

Where emotionalism, petty greed, apathy, borrowed self-esteem/identity and comfortable ignorance reign, as they do with so many here, reason and logic dont stand a chance. These have always trumped reason and logic throughout history, and will continue to do so until humans attain some semblance of collective maturity as a species. But dont hold your breath, its not happening any time soon.