Fecking Kids!

I was annoying a group of 8 year olds today with my infamous manuel (of Faulty Towers fame) ranting “I know nothing! I know nathing!” at them. When one of them pipes up

- “If you know nothing how come you know you know nothing”

Socrates my ass


Ha! Smart kid.

Give that kid an A+, a scholarship to Harvard, a deserved recognition of some kind! Whether or not we can know if we know what we know is the essence of epistemology.

  • Only 8 too - could make a good philosopher!



Truly fabulous krossie.

How easily the beauty of the mind of a child can be prompted to usher forth with pinpoint accuracy.

But we all know how far ahead we adults are, after all our education. :unamused:

The thought’s just occurred to me that kid might be a simpleton who once happened to overhear someone make that comment to someone else. Stoopid kids… :slight_smile:

I know nothing???

It is good to seek proportionality and balance when it comes to ‘extreme views’ sometimes. I see a lot of unbalanced thought with my Buddhist friends as well. The Greeks used to teach harmony and balance in the Trivium in their schools. In the ‘tenants of reason’ they went into much details with the subject of harmony breaking it down into proportionally, prudence, balance, fitness and aptness. Not subjects you hear a lot of nowadays. Proportionality and harmony would be most welcome subjects taught nowadays. Good lesson to keep an open mind. It also shows that old dog like me can still learn from kids.

Good Luck,