Female Mimicry for Sexual Attraction

When young women feel sexually attracted to a young man, usually during the teenage years of adolescence, females tend to mimic the males of their desire. For example, there are many sub cultures of teenagers, goths, nerds, jocks, hippies, etc. My claim is that the bases for these sub cultures is sexual attraction. Predominantly, it is the females who feel sexual desire toward some types of teenage boys, and thus, enter into and arrange these sub cultural groups accordingly.

But the same is not true for males.

It is deemed inappropriate if a teenage boy mimics a teenage girl. For example, imagine a young man dressing in women’s clothing, wearing women’s makeup, and copying women’s general behavior, in an attempt to a young woman of his sexual desire. This is considered, almost universally, obscene. Males generally, perhaps universally, are disallowed to copy female behavior in such a way to prevent sexual acquisition.

The best analogies of this phenomenon is 1 nerd girl in a physics engineering math classroom with 29 other teenage boys. Why is she there? Is it because she has some “authentic” interest in physics engineering math? My answer is, clearly, no. She is there because of the sexual composition of the grouping. She has no competition with other teenage girls, thus giving her an extreme sexual advantage.

The inverse analogy is 1 queer teenage boy in a home economics class with 29 other teenage girls. Why is he there? Is it because he has some “authentic” interest in home economics and baking? My answer, again, is clearly, no. He is there because of the sexual composition of the grouping. He has no competition with other teenage boys, thus giving him an extreme sexual advantage.

In my previous thread, mr reasonable himself verified these claims, by bragging that “he fucked 2 girls in home economics class”.

Doesn’t this prove my point? Yes, yes it does, quite clearly.

Therefore we can take it as a truism, that female mimicry of males is socially accepted, while male mimicry of females is socially denied. We all agree that there’s “nothing wrong” with the single nerdy female in an engineering class composed of almost all males. But we also all agree that there is something suspicious and wrong, with a single queer male in a home economics class composed of almost all females. Something is up. There is a double standard.

And that double standard is the essence of what you can call, fags, queers, homosexuals, “LGBTQBBQ”.

We can even claim that a group of young women emulating a male of a sub culture is morally righteous and good.

While a group of young men emulating a female of a sub culture is morally wrong and bad, or even, evil.

I don’t see how you confuse a guy going into a home ec class to meet girls with “mimicry”. I mean, unless you mean I’m mimicking a woman when I bake a tray of cookies. And in that case, even then, it’s not a matter of baking cookies to get laid. It’s a matter of exposing yourself to empirical data about your prey in order to be better positioned to strategize toward your desired ends.

I don’t think that you’re too dumb to realize your mistake. But…I do think that you are a coward for creating this thread in a coy attempt to try and get a rise out of me. A real man would have been more direct, like I am being with you now. Look…if you had anything to say that wasn’t utter nonsense, then you’d be taken seriously and people would talk to you. But, you don’t. You’re whole schtick is taking simple, incorrect positions and trying to blow enough hot air to make people give up. You are a bona fide idiot.

You have a serious problem. It’s not just in your ability to reason. You have an emotional problem that causes you to feel this need to act belligerently and make a fool of yourself. You feel a need to have negative attention from others because it validates that you’re a special snowflake because no one understands you. You’re a fool, and a confused one. I think that your obsession with gender is very telling. You have some kind of intimacy or abandonment issue. You’re probably the kind of guy who gets dumped because you’re clingy, and needy and because you end up crying and breaking down in front of everyone who gets close to you and expecting them to give a shit. And then, you probably go back to being by your loner, loser self and into your same, old, tired, boring, repetitive, redundant, poorly reasoned, poorly articulated garbage.

I’m not one to advocate for therapy, but if that shit ever helped anyone, then surely it could help a guy like you.

I wish you the best in your trolling, and I sincerely hope that you get your mental issues resolved before it’s too late.

Good luck.

You seem to agree with me, glad that’s settled.

Correction, I made this thread based on Dan’s recommendation. I brought you into it, because you so willingly proved my point for me, thanks. Is appreciation what you were looking for?

To answer your question, yes, baking cookies does demonstrate something factual about you. It’s no different than a nerdy girl pretending to be interested in math. Obviously, she’s not actually interested in math, anymore than you are actually interested in baking cookies.

Anybody else willing to input here?

The fact that you think I agree with you makes you either an idiot or a troll.

How in the world are you entertained by this?

No offense, mr reasonable, but I’m relatively confident to say that you’re not smart enough to disagree with me. Mostly because you first need to understand the difference between what I believe, compared to what I present publicly. And you’re not the type who concerns himself with others, let alone strangers on an internet forum. So our interests, ultimately, do not align.

This thread is entertaining in the sense that you actually believe I care about your opinion of me. You obviously have no idea the way my brain works. Ironically, it was you who took the home economics class, and ought not care what others think of you.

But you do care, don’t you? You care a lot, at least, as far as philosophy goes. For example, my impression of you is that you’d hate to be accused of “faking it”, to get by, and immerse yourself into an intellectual community you didn’t truly belong to.

Just accept the point here. How men and women sexually desire each other, truly and not superficially, is based on the outline I present. Gender is a double standard. You agree, when you skip over the fact that it’s perfectly acceptable for females to copy the clothing style, mannerisms, language, and sub culture of the man of her desire, while the inverse is completely and obviously false, when men mimic and copy women.

On the contrary, male sexual desire toward women, is based on something completely different than mimicry of cultural mannerisms. Let’s say it’s, sexual objectification, for the sake of men.

Now, I’m not going to continue this conversation with you. It’s pointless. You and I have nothing further to discuss.


Get off my penis.


ROFL, this has got the be one of the most laughable OPs I’ve ever read.

A girl can’t have a genuine interest in physics/math? And a guy can’t have a genuine interest in economy? Whaaaaaat?

In my country most philosophers are female, does that mean that I, an ASEXUAL male like philosophy only because females are quantitatively prevalent on that field? Haha, wow.

So, a girl dressing in guy’s clothes is MORALLY good and a guy dressing in girls close is MORALLY bad? Is this some kind of a joke? What, does the guy render everybody blind and cause insufferable physical pain when he wears a dress?

Well, anyways, thanks for the laugh :smiley: . I’ll pretend like you didn’t mean this for serious in a futile attempt to preserve my faith in humanity.

He has a gender fixation that results from his inability to be sexually selected.

He preaches evolution like a southern baptist minister.

Women keep shunning him because of his neediness and insecurities, and his ego won’t let him blame himself, so he has to start hating women.

He tries to convolute something as simple as sexism into these big long posts with all these red herrings to try and validate his view.

If you wont agree with him, then he’ll multi post for days trying to just blow enough hot air to make everyone go away.

He’s been doing this under one name or another for a long time.

It’s common and it’s really boring.

If you try and stop him he’ll call you gay.

He’s probably gay.

Your gay.


Like…You’re bordering on illiteracy.

What makes you think that anybody is “authentically” interested in what they do or pursue, and how do you remove the sexual element of it, if and when such an authentic inspiration arises?

What is the nature of inspiration?

I mean, for example, mr reasonable already admitted and proved my point. I really don’t need to argue much, after that.

This is the saddest one of these kinds of threads I’ve ever seen.

The more you post, the more I feel sorry for you.

Generally the Girls are not crossing gender lines in the Groups you mention, so it is strange that transvestitism would be necessary for boys to choose sub-groups because they are attracted to the Girls in them. They could simply wear what the boys wear in those Groups.

As far as I can tell a lot of Girls get into specific Music and this leads them into their clothing. Or their friends, female ones, get them in. Hippy Girls, my God, not wanting to eat animals and wanting Peace in the World makes hippy Culture attractive to women and this has nothing to do with boys or it ALSO has to do with the boys.

Then there are specific drugs and attitudes associated with different subgroups and the Girls who head into them are generally attracted to those drugs and have tendencies towards those attitudes.

Well, if only saying made it so.

Tell it to the chefs of the World.

That doesn’t verify your claim. Do you not have any idea how something like this might be verified? Take a basic sociology course and ask the professor to drum some statistics into your head and what Counts for verification in the social sciences.

Seriously, you seem to completely not understand the difference between ‘might fit with my ideas’ and ’ proves/verifies my ideas’.

You are not 12 arguing with mom and dad or Jimmy next door. You should be able to do better than this.

I Think what you mean is ‘we can take it as demonstrated or true’. ‘Therefore we can take it as a truism’ is a long oxymoron. Truisms do not need a previous argument.

We do? Tell that to obstetricians.

An economics class is not subculture.
One can claim anything.

Moreno, he’s either an idiot for thinking the way he does, or he’s an idiot for being intelligent and wasting his time actually stringing all this shit together.

I don’t Think he’s an idiot, but his arguments are horrifically weak, and that’s when they are arguments and not simply claims. What bothers me about this is that we had this kind of thinking in charge for a long time, and it did not work. Both kinds of thinking - poor thinking - and then the specific set of beliefs he has about men, women, homosexuality, etc.

i could see if this was something new, something not tried, but we have tried this shit and it sucked, it fucking sucked.

How are my arguments weak when you immediately demonstrate hippie sub culture, which is an obvious example of this, where females copy the male leaders and artists of the over arching group?

This signifies that you know what I’m talking about, and accept it on a general level.

Mr reasonable is just angry that he admitted proof for my argument earlier, and can’t backtrack now. He was the only boy in an all girl home economics class, and he admitted his goal was to get laid. He further admitted “fucking two girls in home ec”, as if bragging this was an accomplishment, when it proves my point clearly.

However I’m more interested in the 1 girl in a physics math engineering class with 29 nerdy boys. That is more interesting to me.

Why is it so interesting to you? Why does your world revolve around genitals and skin color? All roads, in your mind, lead back to you banging the drum about how women and minorities are inferior. Or about how everything boils down to gender or race.

Your worldview is a narrow one, and a shallow one, and it’s why you keep chasing your tail.

I can assure you that you haven’t raised my pulse a bit. I’m enjoying creating a record of you being an idiot in a dialogue. A few more of these and you’ll have to change your name again out of embarrassment like you always do.

I notice you do not even mention the point I made, but simply restate your belief.

He did not admit proof. AS I pointed out, the best he did for you was give and example that fit your hypothesis. One person doing something that fits your hypothesis proves nothing. If you think this is proof, it is a real thinking problem on your part. A serious one.

Since she could not possibly like physics or have that as a motivation.

Would you accept arguments on so little evidence or even an argument?

You are saying that sexual attraction is the main reason Young women join subcultures. This begs the question About why they are attracted to the attractive hippy guy and not the attractive goth guy. It also need to be demonstrated in some way that these Girls do not share the values, tastes, mood, temperment, Music and drugs of the Groups. As far as I can tell a lot of males are attracted to hippy Girls and given the sexual mores of that Culture, hope they will get laid if they are around them. But here also I tend to assume that most guys who are hippies have an interest beyond getting laid, even when a sexual motive actually makes sense as with hippies.

Come on, at least respond to the Points I make.

Do you realize how much Siouxie and the Banshees and Ann Rice influenced the goth Culture, for example?

But that’s my main problem area with your guesses. It’s that you presume such a simple motive where it should be obvious it cannot be that simple, since the women join this Group and not that Group, each having attractive members.

And can you not see how well they fit together, as if these Groups, both men and women, have lived Before and been Groups Before?

And then this truly bizzare argument that men do not do this because they would have to wear women’s clothing. Seriously, that is just not intelligent. Do better. Of course a guy could see an attractive hippy girl and WOW, DID YOU REALLY NOT THINK OF THIS, dress like a male hippy, to get laid.

Seriously, there is something strange about your thinking process.

The women hippies did not dress like the men hippies. They wore dresses and skirts.

A goth girl can, wow, dress like a girl goth.

Think man, Think.

Well, a woman liking physics is out of the question so it’s obvious she just wants a gangbang followed by a bukkake.