Females, post.

How many females are on this board? 1 for every 100? Just checking. Post please.

:romance-heartspink: I’m a female.

And here’s a gay banana - :banana-rainbow:

I wondered if that would be addressed. Why the assumption that the membership is either male or female? What about the gays, bi’s, and damned-if-I-know people?

:laughing: Gays, bi’s, and damn-if-I-know people are still either male or female, unless they’re a hermaphrodite or a tranny.

Any hermaphrodites or tranny’s here?

And what does a gay banana have to do with being a female?

Yeah, I’m with Blurred. most gays and bis are male or female. that was a weird criticism tent…

I’m entirely asexual myself. And let me tell you: it is positively delightful!

Absolutely nothing, and no one said it did. It takes a sick, twisted, perverted mind to make that kind of connection.

You posted a dancing gay banana right after identifying yourself as a female. So, my question is, why do you have to bring homosexual references to a thread that has to do with females. Are you gay?


Srsly? Tell me more about that! I’ve always been interested in asexual folks.

I’m a straight male, but I do often tear up during sappy movie scenes.

It’s pretty damned embarrassing sometimes! :banana-rainbow:

Well, for starters I have a ton of time on my hands and I rarely argue with anyone. And porn isn’t appealing at all. In fact, people look like fucking idiots during sex. I can go to the deli counter at my local grocer if I want to see people slapping stinky pieces of meat together. I’m also rich and extremely honest because I never had reason to blow my money on stupid garbage and act happy about it.

Pandora, are you incapable of looking at context? I’m starting to think your only reason for responding to any thread I post in is to be a fucking asshole. The two statements have no connection. They’re just two statements. They gay banana caught my eye when I was looking for a frilly, girly smiley, and so I posted it. Do you understand now, or should I say it more slowly? I only ask because obviously you had some difficulty understanding the first time I said the gay banana has nothing to do with me being a female.
Are you gay, you fucking twat?

Never had sexual attraction to anyone? Never need to ‘release’ yourself in any way? Interesting stuff.





No it wasn’t. What we are physiologically has NOTHING to do with orientation, and that is what I was asking about.

noooooooo ur covering ur ass in a very awkward way and i can see through ur bullshit.

this post implies that gays and bis are a different sex haha. are they?

I don’t understand. What bearing does sexual orientation have on gender classification? And why would orientation have nothing to do with physiology? I think many-a-scientist would disagree with that assertion. I do.

And, no, I’m not really asexual …yet.

JHC! This isn’t a biology class. How people think of themselves is ALWAYS the important question. Ask the John Doe who feels like he is a female trapped in man’s body, or the reverse. Sure, there are only males and females (or hermaphrodites) physically, but when the question is asked, How many females compared to males? it depends on the orientation as to the answer. If you want to restrict this to taxonomy, your privilege. But I see a bit beyond just physical description.