Feminine Inequality

Finally, a woman that comes out and says something that needed to be said since the fifties.

So where’s your content? All you’ve done is copy someone else’s content. Are you attention seeking?

men and women are complementary… it is because they fail to grasp this that the gender war had been going on since ever. They are 2 energies, positive and negative, originating from the Same Force/Oneness, and expressing it differently.

The Principle of Gender/Sex is immutable (more in my book)

So how does it work… do you sit around your apartment waiting for a post of mine that you know you can bitch about without drawing too much attention to yourself?

As long as you do not think you’re the first to come up with this…

I dont like, in any case, generalizations. I much prefer the singular statement of this woman. That is a true woman, someone with joy, many offspring with different men, who is a source of joy for others because she is for herself.

Such beings can not afford to say ‘I want to be equal’, as that would vastly demean them. Imagine a beautiful queen like woman wishing she’s equal to a bunch of rubbernecks in cheap suits selling insurance.

I can imagine this scenario, with a bunch cucked males laughing and cheering her on, “You go sister”! It “needed to be said” lol… I like how you mix it up with serious threads and bait threads though, Fixed.

No, it works like this: You had a dig at me the other day so I found a post of yours and dug back. I was in a petty mood that day. Just to put your mind at rest: I don’t normally pay any attention to your posts, let alone sit around waiting for the next one.



Convincing yourself?

Just get the fuck out. Even for a troll, you are below average.

Well I seem to have made some sort of impact on you so I can’t be all that bad at it.