Feminism, Abortion, And State Eugenics

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Actually I was shooting for humorous sarcasm. :slight_smile:

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"Feminism is our invention for two reasons. Previously, only paid half the population taxes, now almost all of them because the women go to work. In addition, so that the family has been destroyed and we have thus obtained the power over the children. They are under our control with our media and get our message drummed, no longer under the influence of the intact family. By incite women against men and destroy the partnership and the community of the family, we have created a broken society of egoists who work, consume, thus are our slaves and then also find it good. " - Nicholas Rockefeller.

“Feminism was created to destabilize society, tax women and set up the NWO.” - Aaron Russo.


Feminism is an excellent example of how the global rulers as a global mega cartel uses the awesome power of the mass media (i.e. propaganda.) to control society.

See more at:

“Femi-Nazi is the last attempt of dead social-philosophy.” - Newmenstime.cm.

There is just so much in those links that just reeks, I have no idea where to start. The links make me feel insulted and I am not even a feminist.

Das it’s zehr shade, aber diese nacht ist still immer jung. Doch!

Es poklok pokla , hogy milyen remes az, hogy mindenkivel,mindenot, hogy minden ember csak a Sajat nyelven tud beszelni.

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There's no reason to speculate, because the people who pushed for abortion rights were vocal eugenicists, and this is a matter of easily accessible history.  There's no particular connection between feminism and eugenics, other than feminism being the thing used to defend abortion rights when eugenics became too unpopular.  It's similar to how immigration and racism have nothing to do with each other-  'you are racist' just replaced 'we have a duty to feed and house everybody on earth' when it became too stupid to take seriously.

You don’t have to start - you can do what you want. :slight_smile:

“Insulted”? Are you joking?

You are not a feminist? Then you are probably not stupid. :slight_smile:

Perhaps you start here:


Oh, please. You can’t be THAT asleep. :confused:

Arminius, Any decent intelligent human would be insulted. Oh I don’t doubt Rockafeller part or some conspiracy part, hell its human to the T. Those in power and wealth manipulate their society. Its a herd/pack animal behavior.
The insults are things said like this:
“for a woman, love is an instinctive act of self-sacrifice.”

WTF??? As a human then female, love is not sacrifice it is a gift. This dude is so whacked about human relationships he makes the orthodox Islamics look like his teachers, the Amish look liberal. His whole savethemales is riddled with insecurity and whiny crap.
Women and men are supposed to be breeders. No personality, no interests just God’s little critturs. I could go on but, I just don’t have the time. I mean Jesus h christ!! To clean a house now takes a couple of hours, Cooking 3 meals is about the same, husband and kids are at work or school and momma sits in the corner content and happy because she is just a broom and breeder, that is her wonderful loving sacrifice. If a male wants to breed with such an idiot then he is an idiot who will have idiots as heirs. A waste of intellect is not good in any book but, his and others of his kind. He would dumb down humanity by breeding idiots that do not use any intelligence. Cripes!!

Kriswest, please do not forget the lovely cats:

I love cats too, especaillay the young cats.

Regarding to my children, I can say that I did the parenting, child education. I think it is one of the best jobs on Earth. I would like to repeat this wonderful time of my life.

:slight_smile: Don’t get me started on animal babies,I have too many and love and care for too many at my job as animal nanny, I love caring and nurturing. Its a gift not sacrifice… Any mother or father that feels sacrifice for being a parent will suck at being one and should not even remotely be near an adorable cat such as those.
The bigotry of his links are just flat ass regressive and idiotic. As for birth rates plummeting, that is good. It means people realize they are not fit to be loving caring parents. I am with you on raising and educating, it was the best job I have had.

What partnership?
You can see remnants of the ‘good old days’ of women in more traditional cultures, like Muslims and Hindu.
Women are not partners, they are arranged, promised, forced and sold into, what you call partnership.
It was exactly the same in Christian society. It is still the same in many small towns across the ‘western world’.
The old testament made women part of a man’s body, but in the newer one it says we are all created equal.
It wasn’t just a right to vote, that women got from the feminist movement.
The right to own property, to work and get paid for it, the right to independent thought.
Because there was a time when women had none of that.
Now, stand up and say it out loud, that this is bad for society!

I find the anti-feminist wave that seems to be going around lately fascinating. it proves quite clearly that any privileged group that has any sort of curb applied on their privilege will immediately claim that this constitutes oppression. All these poor defenseless males, so oppressed by all these feminazies. Which is amazing, since men still outnumber women in positions of power just about anywhere. I guess women are just really good at keeping a more powerful and more privileged group in check!

From there it is generally just a short step to complaining about the homo-leftie media complex which is also constantly oppressing all these poor straight males by pretending that maybe it is OK to be gay, which is apparently a massive threat to anything male and hetero. If you read the invective then it seems that all that has been keeping all hetero males from hurtling headfirst into a global homo-erotic rampage has been the threat of gay-bashing, and now that we are starting (slowly) to remove that, soon gaymageddon will follow. Also, gay marriage equals squads of gay ninjas going from house to house breaking up marriages and stealing children.

Add a sprinkling of conspiracy-nuttery and you get state eugenicist feminazies. Glorious!

Radical liberals like you are no better than radical conservatives. Both are unwilling to recognize any facts which conflict with their personal agendas and use hyperboles, broad statements and distort facts, both utterly detached from reality.

Third-wave feminism is repugnant - it’s bigoted, irrational and hateful for the most part. I at least appreciate to some extent the sincere feminists who admit that they fight for female rights, but when people tell me that “feminism” fights for “equality”, I can’t take them seriously anymore. When has ever in history a party which advocated the equality of 2 categories of people used exclusively one in its name? It makes absolutely no sense - imagine if a person labeling themselves “whiteist” claimed they stand for equality of races. I would question first the seriousness and then the intelligence and sanity of such a person.

Just take a look at reddit feminism and feminist forums - aside from a few admirable threads which criticize the ACTUAL oppression of women and privilege of men in eastern countries, most of them focus on the West and imaginary things like rape culture, privilege (in the West) and so on. In most Western countries equality of opportunity is achieved already. It’s your turn to prove yourselves now women.

About gays I mostly agree aside from the fact that your hyperboles may be (justifiably so) interpreted as strawmen - that’s usually not the kind of language you want to use if your intention is to be taken seriously and have a rational argument with others.

Do you really not know that?

Their cultures are different, partly very much different, from the Occidental (Faustian) culture!

You have no idea of Occidental culture.

No, it was not, at least it has not been being for a very long time.

You have no idea of Occidental culture.

What? Where do you live?

That is one of the main differences. The Old Testament is Jewish, the New Testamen is Christian. That’s the point. Their cultures are different (see above).

This “rights” can also be interpreted as duties. Nicholas Rockefeller said it, and in that case: he is right.

The truth is that they were and are not able to do that donkey work (scutwork, dirty work, beastly job, filthy job, and so on) that men did and partly still do. Most part of this work has been becoming a work of machines, and in future it will be not only most but probably all of this male work and perhaps even of all human work (compare: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=187221). I estimate that the probability that machines will completely replace all humans is about 80% (see here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here).

My question exactly!

European nobility still prefers insider marriages.
Twentieth century western cultures did not allow interracial relationships.
Kate Middleton is still mocked as an outsider.
American classical movies had two different versions, one for the southern white trash, and another for the free world.
In the southern version woman were more obedient not not too smart, and blacks were not allowed to speak.
This show exactly, that on some level they considered women as a special type of slave.
Women could not open a bank account or own a business just one hundred years ago.
You go outside of major urban centres, and when it comes to payment they almost always turn to the men. Praise the Lord!

Here is my proof! What an earth are you talking about?! Scrubbing and washing on their hands and knees using deadly chemicals. Nursing the dying and deadly diseased. Suffering a horrible death after childbirth because ‘a gentlemen’s hand is always clean’ type ignorant men. Raped by soldiers of war and fortune!

Where do you live?!

So you live in the „world“ of nobility and feminism. Do you live in Buckingham Palace or in one of the banks of the City of London? According to your funny posts one can conclude that you live in a noble „world“ and have to marry your sister, or your cousin, or your niece.

We don’t have much to do with the nobility. Nobody of us Westerners does have to marry relatives.

You are talking about the exceptions of the rule that there is no insider marriages in the Occidental society. In other cultures the reverse is true, namely: insider marrriage as the rule and other marriages as the exceptions.

Hard work is the work of male humans, oxen, horses, and - of course - machines. Machine work has replaced oxen work, horse work, and most of the typical male human work. If it had not, then there would still be more male work than female work. We have more female work than male work because of the fact that male work is almost completely replaced by machine work.

Your examples are ridiculous.

Greetings to your lovely mama and your „scrubbing“ queen in Buckingham Palace.