Fifth Dimension 'n sheet

Y’all knows it y’alls are up into it the fifth dimensions is hurrr

seriously do. Whats going tf on? What???

Really. Weird shit is going on.

People from the Mandela Effect say that Darth Vader said “Luke, I Am Your Father” and now it is transformed to “No, I Am Your Father” but people who know plot and remember shit know the context, from the top of my head; “I know enough, you killt my father!” “NO. I am your father”. But then there is the Rodin.


There is the Queen Song, the Monopoly Monocle, the Laurel & Hardy Fine Mess deal, and thousands of other issues. Much of it is simply people misremembering things, but some of it is really weird. Adam and God in The Sistine Chapel. The Mona Lisa.


Haha, yes. It’s really amusing after, at least, I mean it has become really amusing, as it was before, once I sort of got a perspective on it. To be honest its been freaking me out for a little while, too.

Let me link to some videos of a guy who is really going head first into this. It’s interesting because only a year ago he was basically what I would call a leftie, even though I admired him for his great Chi Kung and pretty good rune work and his big knowledge of ancient shamanistic methods, and then suddenly he got red pilled, as he himself called it, and is now gobbling up red pills like they’re m&ms. So much so that Im like, dude try a purple pill once in a while. But not really, thats not really what I think as I tremendously enjoy his spiritual acrobatics.