Finally! … ?Gt1=43001

I’m so relieved! I thought I might never know the answer. Now if we could apply this lesson to all the other philosophical questions… :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing:

Its still total bullshit… Eggs were around long before something mutated into a chicken… :wink: Eggs were first. Some scientists they are… Pfft, DNA… Whatever that is! [-(

No first there was the big bang. After that matter cooled and simple laws of probability made chickens and eggs inevitable. At that point however they languished inside a schoedinger hen-coop, quantumly speaking existing in a state of both egg and chicken at once, until a farmer evolved long enough to look inside and collapse the wave-function.

I like that answer. :-k

Hey! Don’t be fucking things up. It was in the news so it has to be true!

don’t shake tent’s fragile little world. probably got a proposal accepted, now that his chat-up line has an ending. You’re playing with people’s lives here.

Arf. :laughing:

What a heaping jumble of crap that post was… My goodness, I need to proof read a bit more often!

What the hell are you talking about? I got no proposals. At my age, I can’t even get a proposition! :crying-yellow: (sniff)

My apologies, things are, obviously, worse than I could have imagined.

(Can we get a kind lady to bat her lashes here, stat)

No No! I’m not looking for pity, just an opportunity to whine… I learned how to whine in ILP. :laughing: