Finals must be here...

not only do you see more posts asking for help at ILP, but at school, many a young female now sally forth adorned only in short skirts and low cut tops.

Not that I am complaining per se, I just wonder if anyone else has ever noticed this, and if it means what I think it means.
Maybe if I too had a push up bra, an edible thong, and some Nair… I wouldn’t have to worry about my GPA.

Heh, :laughing: I doubt they would help, but I know where you are coming from.

Oh, Just imagine the benefits of having a set of breasts and a vagina…

Sadly, I have noticed this too in my University (of California). I’ve had girls in my class, and it does not matter what class, who knew what gets professors, lecturers going. Awake nipples, lots of cleavage, hey, it doesn’t cost anything. But for the most part serious female students know better. And hurray for them. Me included :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

what are you talking about? why don’t you just say it outright.
i’m trying to figure out if you mean girls will dress sexy to go in and get their grades bumped up from professors, or if you think they sit in class and somehow that does something …well i don’t know why you’d think that last one.

i wish you just said you think girls can sleep with professors for good grades… but i thought that died with that great decade the 60s.

Well Moony (can I call ya Moony?) I admit that I operated under the assumption that some women believe they can bend men to their will just by displayong their various… ahh charms. Nowadays, most profs don’t sleep with undergards… too risky. They save that for the graduate students who will need the recommendation later on. At least, thats what I have heard.
I was just wondering if anyone else ever noticed that around time for tests, some (not all) females decide to dress a bit more provacatively, and if what I take to be the clear inference from that is, perhaps, the correct one. (meaning some female would admit that yes… other females do engage in this sort of thing at college).

That some female students have sex with their Prof’s for grades… well thats your fetish. Mine is more clothing related… whistles innocently.

maybe a good ol’ conservative school like ND was an exception, but around finals time most girls were dressed in sweats… Dec finals it was always cold and snowing and at any finals time most people were too stressed. sleep deprived, strung out on caffeine, etc. to worry about how they looked.

In may, more people tended to dress up a little more, being that the weather was a good deal nicer. I wouldn’t really call what they wore provocative though. (except in comparison to the sweats) I do know of some people who dressed up a bit simply as a sort of physical representation to themselves that they were stepping up their work level/responsibility etc… sort of the job mentality of portraying what a hard-working person you are by wearing a suit

I never noticed any change in clothing selection, and it never occured to me to try it (this is the first I’ve heard of it… and what I think about it is… why even go to school if you don’t care about actually learning?)… 'course I haven’t even taken enough units to get my associates yet.

Provocative in December as opposed to provocative in May (gettin’ hot outside…)… I guess it could be a sign of wanting to influence their grades… assuming they don’t always dress provocatively.

Maybe you’re just noticing it more (rather than it actually happening more) because it’s been so long since the summer and it’s like you’re in a sort of dry-spell… any amount of skin showing will just soak right on in… whereas during monsoons (summer) it’s like there’s so much skin you don’t even really appreciate it.

Geez… good night.

well that makes a whole lot of sense to me. a girl dresses slutty and some how the prof gets her name from that and gives her a better mark. as if they ahve nothing better to do.
it reminds me of stupid

I saw your comment and I thought 'something about She and nipples…I couldn’t put my finger on it. And then, I remember, your post in De’trop’s “Mosh Pit” thread. Hahaha. That was one funny story.

Average class size at my Uni is 25… most departments expect the Prof’s to know the students’ names.

anything else?

yes, you’re ridiculous

I am shocked! Shocked I say!