First Hour Report

I have been up for one hour without any chemical enhancement. So far -

Kriswest is an even better thinker than I thought.

Dan~ is brilliant - confirming that he is maybe the best philosopher here.

Could the idea of taming, of capturing an animal and taming it, precede the species homo sapiens? Could a near ancestor of the race have tamed some canine or bird? Provided for it, taken care of it - had power over it? Could this have preceded even language? In this way, could the idea of religion actually be inborn to our race? To language?

Is there some way to remove the emoticons from the left of the posting window? They make me nervous. They’re all looking at me. Maybe I need more no-chem time with them.

Have to get on the road, going back to Massy. Five more hours of no-chem. Will update as I can. This isn’t so bad.

Ah the sacrifices! We salute you Fausty - you must show great will for us…for philosophy…

Mind you if you’re a regular on substances - going without can be kinda like being on for some people! keep it together.

I remember a great dope famine in Dublin maybe ten yeras ago.
A mate of mine after several days off was heard to make remarks like:

My flat is looking a bit grubby


Television is very boring!


When I think of the adventures before me…

Do you smoke to relieve physical pain i.e. some sort of cancer or is it because you enjoy it (or both?).

I enjoy it.

I may have made a tactical error, here. I did not mean for this topic to be about my psycho-active drug habits alone. I did make a philosophical point - about religion. While I find myself fascinating, my hope is that someone will actually respond to that philosophical point. If that is not the case, then I suppose that this thread should be moved. I am not complaining, but simply allowing that the tenor of this particular board should be respected. I think perhaps the mistake was mine.

I dunno Fausty - you just made the intro a bit too tempting and non philisophical…

Sorta dramatic in a film noir kind of way I could nearly hear the voice over
the fact that its 2 pm here and a nice sunny day makes it even funnier

here you might like this or you may have read it - Nietzsche Hume comparison (watch out it jumps you straight into ms word) … k/dullfrog

hey some one - come on now that was mean - tho’ they look tasty in a spagetti boul kinda way

saitd - very funny.

I think so.

Thankyou and put tape over the emoticons :laughing:
As to your question about remote ancestor it is possible. And language has many many forms not just vocal.

Religion inborn , no, but, the need to have some form of a mental safety net might be, so hence religion. If fear is not curbed it would prove dangerous and people tend to fear the unknown, so to make it less scary religion is brought about. Religion is not inborn it is just a generational security blanket for the soul.

It’s been several hours, and I’m hanging in. Saw some spider webs in front of me earlier - turned out to be spider webs, thank God.

Kris - I mean that religion is inborn to homo sapiens, because - hell, I’m still adjusting. I’ll get back to you.

Religion? No.
An inborn need to feel inferior. Yes.

I think the homo sapien feels more confortable as a sheep rather than a shepherd.

Well, I’ll settle for that, I guess. But why a need to feel inferior? Whence cometh this need, prithee?

Seriously, if you can maintain an erection for hours, without chemicals, then you’re in the wrong job. :smiley:

That reminds me! - I’ll be back in twenty minutes.

:laughing: :laughing: =D>

Because it is easier and more comfortable to be told what to do, rather have a horizon of possiblities.

Life is easier once you group yourself. You limit yourself to that group, and thats comforting. A stoner, sex junkie, religious, etc.

A stoner?

I smoke when others pray.

I would have given specific groups, but chose to limit them to groups I know wouldn’t take offense. You’ll never see a mad stoner, or an embarrased sex junkie, and “religious” is too vague.

Do we have to talk about this? I just put a friggin’ roachclip on my friggin’ Marlboro, just out of habit. I’m FREAKIN’, man! I don’t think I can do this.