First members of the ILP 100 Club

Dear all,

The moment you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. The founding members of the ILP 100 Club are to be revealed in this very post. You will remember this earth-shattering event forever and it will be imprinted on your minds in the same way that Neil Armstrong’s walk on the moon did all those years ago. Remember of course that membership in the ILP 100 Club is not permanent and members may be thrown out at any time according to the quality of their posts. There will always be room for newcomers too and so keep your minds sharp and your posts intellectual and you might one day be part of the ILP 100 Club.

And now, without further ado the first 7 (in no particular order) are:

gavtmcc, Friedrich, trix, Polemarchus, Ditto, de’trop and hermes the thrice great.

Congratulations folks, the whole of ILP salutes you! Remember, the forum is readable by all and other members of ILP will be your harshest critics. Be careful what you post, you may be thrown to the lions for it!

Happy Posting to you all,


A fine list indeed.

Bring on the lions.

This is not another version of Pop idol. What is the world coming to? i wonder…

I have a feeling that the reason the moderators created a new forum is because they can’t be bothered moderating the rest of the forums. Sorry, but is that your intention?

I believe the moderators should have consulted us, the regular posters before they launched the new forum.

I mean, what is acceptable posting? Everyone has their own ideas, and they should be allowed to express them in whatever form they like. be it one liner (as long as it is understandable).

Philosophy is just an exchange of ideas, and nothing more. We invented the ideas.

Also, just on the one liner again. Because I think that is a very unfair rule. We remember the famous authors by their principles, their one liner. I think one liners should be tolerated as long as it is understandable.

I honestly think the new forum is a bad idea. If the forum is restricted to 100 posters only. Soon, they will run out of ideas to say. They’ll get dropped, and others will go in. So, at the end of day, everyone would have had the privilage to post in the forum. If everyone, eventually will post in it, why only restrict the number to 100 at a time?

I can’t think of any other reason for the new forum but the moderators just can’t be bothered moderating the rest of the forum because there are too many posts. and not enough moderators. In that case, why not appoint new moderators?

It’s because of this that they created the forum, I think.

The new forum is intended to improve the general quality of the site and attract new members. Without some such leadership we are faced with the debacle of the gradually declining minimum standard. A lot of the great philosophers built on the ideas of their predecessors and thus progressed. I like to think that there are a few people who, instead of complaining about how bad things are, actually work to improve them.

Hello Pinnacle of Reason. I agree with your stance on one liners. Although most of them here are rather flippant, occasionally a great idea can be expressed simply and succinctly like that. I am sure that all of us can come up with examples from our favorite philosophers.

Some look at the way things are and ask, “why?”
and some look at the way things could be, and ask “Why not?”

With deepest regard,

I find it sad. As i said before, this is not some cheezy Popshot that one may watch on the tele.

The search for answers is not about elite minds but curiousity. Those who are ‘‘special’’ have not gotten any further in they’re quest for anwers any more than i have.

Yes but nor is philosophy a mere ‘exchange of ideas and nothing more’. If you want to merely ‘exchange ideas’ or (as I think we all know what he really means) ‘opinions’ then go next door to I love English :slight_smile:

The forum only has 7 current members so far, not 100. I guess, in all their magnificant wisdom, they’ll manage to find someway of keeping from getting bored.

But of course, I wouldn’t know either way…I’m only a “gimmick” (as ben called me). :frowning:

Not to worry, BMW guy. I for one appreciate your unpretentious presence here. You are a man with an honest outlook and seem to mean well.

Having observed some of your posts, I should say that youo should think about being more scrupulous and introspective before putting your thoughts into words. I find that pithiness is always best in philosophy. Once you adopt this technique, I think youor posts will start to improve rapidly.

Best wishes

Well I honestly appreciate the kind words, seriously. I di admit, the best of my posts are mundane, at best. It is for this reason that I try to read other’s posts 90% and post only 10% of the time (in fact, I did that for the entire summer).

I really don’t expect to be put into the Heavily-moderatered board anytime soon, but I have two requests:

  1. that ben at least keeps the heavily-moderated board allways viewable to all members (so I can read the posts), and

  2. that all the good philosophical members don’t totally stop posting in the regular philosophy board. Without you and the 6 others, this forum is toast…and I really not joking here. Rafajara used to be a star-poster here, but he left and is not coming back. We need your posts in the regular board.

Otherwise, the average quality of posts in the regular philosophy board will drop-down to my level! :smiley:

I see plenty of reasons for optimism in the quality of posts in many forums. Many users are responsible.

yes, but the best of threads here are started by the more philosophical types here. A good starting post in a thread always seems to attract equally decent responses, and hence, creating a really good philosophical thread from which I can learn much. :slight_smile: