First world problems

I met a woman who’s 30 who we’re perfect together.

I’ve fallen in lust with almost every woman on earth.

This is different.

Fortunately my frontal cortex over rides the animal part of my brain.

I’m surprised that this is something of a battle.

I know the stakes are pining for years (not fun)or infinite hell.

It’s clear she wants that type of relationship.

Although, like with all women, I’d have to use approach escalation or ornate behavior to elicit it.

It motivated me more to change all existence.

I had a great opportunity to see her nipples down blouse in a sun dress, and I passed it up.

I can’t lie. It hurts.

But I just gained more power and passion to fix all problems because of this encounter.

I realize how ridiculous all this is.

My lack of focus made me immensely focused.

So. How are you perfect together?

Good job not prying her shirt away from her chest so you could see her nipples. You should stop using the nipples-down-blouse variation. The logistics are off—always. God would have to re-fine-tune the universe to make that possible. So good job restraining yourself from that non-opportunity.

But what makes you two perfect together?

Why mess with perfection?

Maybe the 7th rib should’av been taken out 9f her dressed down nipples chest.

Meno_ it’s a matter of fabric and curves. Don’t overthink it.

Yes but the curves and nipples really are underthinking it…
In fact the fractual oversize the topical. Ha ha?

And there hides my inverse thinking.

Don’t be an everted wormhole, Meno_.

Aversion is not necessarily even similar to inversion, although what is denied goes under the radar before it can be displaced.

eversion is not aversion

Mr. Reasonable got me. heh.

erm… Lol. I got you.