I watched this to pump me up for watching the Brier (Canadian national curling championship)…


I dunno how you watch curling. I get too excited. It’s not healthy for me.

That’s because you need to practice first by watching golf.

I used to go and watch golf tournaments here and there if someone gave me tickets. I have to say that it’s much too exciting for me.

Also, Von, I know this is off topic, but I bought a car, and I didn’t get a bmw. Aren’t you proud?

What, that someone gave you tickets?

Here is one / forget about today, yesterday, and don’t forget about tomorrow.

Obe both the receiving of the tickets, and the attending of the golf tournaments were much too exciting. And I couldn’t agree more about forgetting things. There’s really nothing better when it comes to shaping your own mood. Self directed selective memory loss can be a useful tool.

Bimmers are shit holmes. You made a nice choice. —Unless you’re gonna be like, “Yo, I got a Lexus”

Honda. I can fit a kayak in the back of it. It’s quiet and drives calmly.

Like this … =TF1H5EJNW

Nice. I’ve got an 08 Element. I want to get this mod done, but I think the company is out of california… … eading.jpg

When the back seats are lowered down, you could literally throw down a sleeping bag and toss and turn the night away. There’s a shocking amount of space in the crosstour. Not so much the amount of space, but how the space is laid out.

I sold an 06 sentra w/ 135k miles on it and a banged up bumper on craigslist for 4 grand, then took gains from cbis and phot and dropped a chunk on the new(er) car. It’s 2010, but still under warranty. Not bad.

All Hondas are good like that. Honda is run by pimps, I’m sure. I’ve slept in the back of mine many times.


Wow. You could hold the Tim Horton Brier in that.

I used to live in a van down by the river. Now, it’s an Element.