Fixed Cross

I was cursed
to be blessed
in a curse

Vertical images to flat thoughts
the illusion of perspective
depth suggested, not felt

To bring this down
this false perspective
I must think straight.

No more deeper motivations
just this one basal desire
to employ the highest being -

whatever the cost in pain

I see you have ambition you state. What is your current status? Do you talk the talk and walk the walk or is this just talk? I’m curious. What stage of life are you at right now? Not that I don’t wish you make your dreams come true, I hope you do.

Yes, both.
My status is:


What have been your successes if you don’t mind me asking?

If you mean in terms of money, my success has mostly been in manipulating “masses” by the media. This is why I need philosophy: to give substance to such power.

It is also why I choose to debate philosophy on a message-board. I want to develop the thinking according to the intellectual climate in the “masses” - and to be resilient to it. I find this site to be a dynamic interface given access to a volatile yet sustainable difference in temperaments (a good mix of people with whom I am able to share a general perspective, and those with whom my relation is one of conflict), and with a satisfying intellectual standard, solid but not too high to be relevant to the “masses”. Enough context at least, to be able to figure out where the different sensitivities and opportunities may lie, if one wanted to forge a philosophical movement.

Well, that’s great feedback for the site FC - we try to cater to varying levels of philosophical knowledge unlike most sites, and it seems to work well in creating a good foundation for interesting debates.