Flu Vaccines and Chinese Bird Flu Virus

m.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/health … kong-after

When you go get your flu vaccines, they come from China, incubated in chicken eggs. Most of China has questionable agricultural standards (or… just standards for anything in general… I’m hardly the first to note this).

Hong Kong has much stricter laws and oversight. They recently discovered the bird flu in their chickens.

m.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/health … kong-after

I’m guessing that flu vaccine your sniffing up your nose doesn’t have the same kind of oversight as occurs in Hong Kong… nothing a well placed bribe to a low official couldn’t solve.

I have never had a flu jab in my life! or any kind of jab for that matter, they tried to give me the tuberculosis jab in school but i refused, then when I go to the doctors office just for regular check ups, blood tests/pressure etc, the doctor tries to give me a flu jab, which i refuse! Tries to force it on me too…

I’m fine, i rarely get ill, I haven’t had a flu/cold for about 5 years, i struggle to even remember what it’s like it’s been so long. When i do get the flu or common cold, I take to bed and go into a meditative sleep for a few days, my body is back to normal functioning after two days, three days max.