Flyest 70s Disco Bassline


I want to hear from the drum and bass enthusiasts here- the disco lovers-This is a collection of some of the best 70s Disco basslines there are,let me hear what one you thinks the best out of these 5
Im looking for your vote on a scale of 1-10 for the flyness of bass playing in particular

Be honest now


2 -

3 -

4 -

5 -



I think 4.



I asked for people that like disco

This isnt disco,this is cheap electronic funk,I cant get into that ?!?!

You did DoL, you did, and I can only apologise profusely :smiley: but I felt an urge to show my distaste to old skool :smiley:

It’s good to be ‘current’ you know: as well as liking the old skool stuff…


There would be no Nu skool if it wasnt for these folks,no house or hip hop,Sugarhill gang got their idea from Chic which was a disco band but Sugarhill released the first Rap record leading other guys to develop rap,so no Disco no hip hop

lets see how this grabs you for Nu


I know / I was in my early teens then, but I don’t give a shit / just wanted to share my thoughts on the matter :evilfun:

That ^^^ never ‘grabbed me’ :astonished:

If you didnt care you wouldnt have turned up in the first place to say “0” I assumed when you mentioned nu skool you were ignorant about evolution here,but what you were really saying is Discos crap,and you dont like this type of music,but then I wouldnt turn up at a post you made saying " I want to hear from Hume fans" and just say “hume is crap-I dont like him” maybe I should

…I wouldn’t mind if you did :sunglasses:

Are there any ‘current’ tunes that you like, from the same genre?

Is this a trick question ?

And its not so much about whether you would mind,
meaning I wouldnt express my dislike for Hume had you a thread asking to hear from Hume fans because it would just be an attack then wouldnt it,had the thread asked “what do you dislike about Hume” I might have turned up,but you werent asked if you disliked Disco,you werent being asked anything because your not into Disco

No, DoL: this is not a trick question, but a general interest in knowing the answer / I’m not a magician, and therefore don’t ‘do’ tricks :smiley:

My will to express my opinion: was obviously stronger than having to adhere to the boundaries of your question :sunglasses: Do you always adhere to the boundaries set by others?

Moodyman is current -

So you dont like “current” Disco/house because you dont like moodyman whats the point to asking what I like in terms of Disco/house if youve no interest ?

Who is Moodyman? :-s

Where did I state I didn’t like this ‘Moodyman’ character?

Where did I state I didn’t like current house?

Who did you summise that I had no interest in your reply to my question?


The person behind the record I gave you to listen to

when you said the tune never grabbed you

When you said you never liked moodyman

Because it seems you dont like house from what you said


I shall say it again ‘I like current house music’ - you seem to have come to your conclusions all by yourself, and not based on my replies at all.

Ok,I suppose Im just saying your into crap house then because you dont like moodyman [-X

The truth wasn’t that hard, was it :wink: enough with this moodyman, already :smiley: