Follows from?

I take this to be a valid syllogism. The conclusion must therefore be said to follow from the premises.

Is there not something wrong with this view?

Thanks for your views!

It seems to be a valid syllogism.

That says nothing about the truth of the premises, though.

I agree with humean. Syllogisms have a tendency to tell us more about the transitive property in language than about the world itself. Makes me think of this page from the iep.

Ok, thanks for the straightforward replies. I’ll specify later where I disagree a bit. But let’s put aside my first example and look at this new one:

It’s obviously a tad less straightforward but I think it’s still clearly a valid syllogism. Do you agree?

If you agree, I’d like you to reconsider carefully the question of whether the conclusion must therefore be said, exactly as in the previous example, to follow from the premises. What do you think?

It’s also valid.

And it’s unsound. Unless you think that only one person would ever deny being the Messiah; but I know hundreds of people who would be perfectly happy to do so.

I think you may be confusing validity with soundness. Validity only concerns the conclusion following from the premises, not acceptance of the premises. Either that, or I’m missing something a critique of logic.

Nope. You have it right O_H. I don’t understand what the point in the OP is other than what seems a very poor attempt at yet another Christian hate message.

James, I think there is some Biblical prophecy in the Old Testament that the Messiah would deny being the Messiah, though I’m not positive. OP might be alluding to that.

JSS it seems to me that TalkyDucky is a Christian, trying to construct a syllogism which would prove Jesus as a messiah.

As long as there can be many actual Messiahs it might be sound.
I know several people who would deny being the messiah. I’ll test today with my dentist.

Then it should say “a Messiah”, not “the Messiah”.

Also, how does one discern true messiahs from false ones?

I think I’m the Messiah. I’m too awesome for an ordinary human. And I don’t see any reason to deny it.

To be sound in that case, it clearly requires that only one person ever has denied or will deny being the Messiah. Which is clearly false, hence unsound.

Perhaps the Messiah can incarnate in several bodies. Though mainly I was failing to be wry.

I’m not sure what happened here, but I’m pretty sure I made that post. It’s possible I pressed “Edit” instead of “quote” (I was using my phone) - in which case, please accept my apologies. Let me know.

Yeah, it was not my post. I have one post that’s still not gone through though.