Food vs Health subsidy

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Why subsidize Food but not Health?

Is food subsidized? How?

For argument sakes we will say Food is produced by ‘farmers.’ The u.s. government pay farmers (aka subsidies) to produce food.

So basically my question is:
why will the u.s. government pay Farmers to do what they do, but will not pay Doctors to do what they do.

[b]The right wing always wins, there is no left. When Bush wanted to bomb Irak, everyone was with him, he said either you are part of the solution or part of the problem, either you are with us or against us, friend or enemy, there is no middle ground. And everyone said, yes, he has a backbone, lets go with the “winner”, Bush, the right wing that is not afraid of the conflict, the confrontation.

Obama with Healh Kare should have done exactly the same: he should have said there will be a very simple single payer health kare system, paid by government through taxes upon the rich. A total government system free for all but paid by the rich and banks and all those billions of dollars in the banks not doing anything. Then if you want your own private hospital or health kare, well there is the free market where anyone can charge anything and anyone can buy anything, who cares. And he should have said you are either part of the solution or part of the problem, either you are with us or against us, friend or enemy, there is no middle ground. The health kare reform would have been one sentence : “one single payer government system free for all.”

And he should have said we will slash doctors pay if necessary, nurses pay if necessary, etc.

And in fact there is no middle ground, either it is government single payer or it is private, he wanted to compromise, he wanted to find “common ground”, there is no “common ground”, there are only conflicts, winners or losers, rich or poor. Take it or leave it.

Then if he couldn’t pass this only real possible reform, then he should have punched them all in the face, just like Bush did, he punched all the opposition in the face when attacking Irak, and they all obeyed Bushes command. Punch them and the American people all in the face and say: if you don’t want the single payer system, then go to hell everyone, let the private hospitals and doctors and drug companies and nurses, and insurances hike the prices up as much as they want, hike them up so most poor people can’t afford it anymore, if some slob goes in the emergency room, the health kare thieves can take their homes, make them pay 5 figure numbers for everything. And in fact I hope the system collapses, I hope they keep on all hiking the prices of it all forever, that is what the fcktards - aswipes deserve, so stupid, such total morons…

The left doesn’t understand that people suck, they are bad, that you have to fight head on, crush the enemy, crush the opposition to make the weaker part of society win, there is no compromise, the is no common ground, only fights, winners or losers.

To all those that keep on arguing this and that , but we need some private health care, we need insurances, doctors have to make more money, the “quality” will be bad, you can’t believe how much I hate them, and how they have been completely brainwashed by 50 years of right wing crap in the USA. it works in France and Sweden and JAPAN, why on earth can’t it work in the USA ? Is it greed, is it becasue they are insane ?

To those answer: In fact you are part of the problem, you are the enemy, you must be crushed. I don’t want to find any common ground with you, I hate you and all of those who think like you, do you understand ? Just like Bush made everyone in the USA hate anyone against his attack on Irak, the same should be applied to those opposing the single payer, paid by the government and TAXES, that is right, TAXES, so everyone PAYS. Hope you pay more and more for health care, you must be rich.

I said, paid by the rich (anyone making more than 60,000 dollars a year could and should pay 2,000 a year for health care TAX) and slashing the doctors pay from 300,000 dollars a year to maybe 150,000 dollars a year, etc.

Then, if you don’t like the public hosiptals and doctors, pay your own private health care.

The single government pay system works quite well in most of the civilized world, Sweden, Finland, Canada, France, JAPAN, South Korea, etc. It may not be perfect, but perfection is not obtainable anywhere no matter how much you try.

Anyways, I really hope they all jack up the prices more and more for all things health kare, pay ever more for emergency, actually, I hope they eliminate that “free lunch” of emergency room service to the “poor lazy slobs” who don’t “want to work”, like all of you right wing fascists, egotists say. Let anyone who is not rich just drop dead, that also solves the problem of “overpopulation”, and illegal immigrants…


Look Bro stop posting that long string of nonsense. you post the same thing on multiple threads and it does not address the topic/question.

Actually it does. Single payer healthcare would solve our healthcare crisis. And it would get the greedy insurance companies out of the process. It would operate on the premise that healthcare is just as much of a right as food is.

ok let me apologize Im sure the person had the best of intentions even if it is the same post over and over.

Im not really looking for a solution. and I am not sure if a single payer tax system would fix the McDonald’s quality of healthcare in America.
yeah everyone gets a Big Mac but …

I am interested in the cause, if there is one, why continue to subsidize food for 70 plus years but neglect health.

Perhaps the inability to get healthcare isn’t seen as the threat to society and government as the inability to get food. Also, think about the way money and power flow together. Is there a group or lobby of foodsellers that has the power and wherewithal of medical providers, pharmaceutical companies, and health insurance companies?

I should add that small and individual farmers are an endangered group. Agriculture is big business now, and we’re looking at a very nasty business by the way because companies like Monsanto can engineer seeds and livestock in such a way that they can literally put small farmers out of business and take over the land and the provision of food for large numbers of people. This kind of food production is very bad for the soil, the balance of nature, and for those who eat it. But when corporations take over, there is no other alternative… and they also have the money and the power to own legislators and courts as well.

The giant misktake the left makes (and millions of people debating health care in the US) is to think that there is actually something left to debate, that there is any kind of middle ground, that after a horrible reform that obama did, hundreds of pages, thousands of vague loopholes, etc. that there is some kind of “regulated” solution. There isn’t any at all, there is nothing to debate at all, either one side wins (all private) or the other side (all public).

In Canada, Switzerland and Germany for example, Capitalist - free market economies it is all public, but any private operator, any private doctor, hospital or insurance company can sell whatever they want, and they do sale, to those that can afford it. The rest of the common slobs are happy enough just to have some basic health care paid by taxes, end of story.

Now is that so hard to understand ? Is that so complicated ? If you got cash, buy whatever doctor - hospital you want, if not go public. Now what exactly is left to debate ? How can people still not see how simple the real solution to health care in the US is ?

That is why obama, or any real left government in the US, should say: either it is my way or the highway, either all public with taxes, or no reform and let the whole thing go to hell. The private doctors - hospitals - nurses, etc. can sell their services to who can and wants to buy them, if they are worth it.

It is, its called Medicare and Medicaid. Now that doesn’t cover everyone, but not all food is subsidized either.

Just about everyone has equal access to the portion of the food supply that is subsidized.

this may be a little late. But I just saw this, so my 2 cents…

If by subsidized food supply you mean corn, wheat, and soy which farmers are subsidized by the government in comparison to health care, this isn’t really a good comparison in that although farmers are paid a set amount for each unit crop/bushel/whatever, this is not free food to the public. It just means the farmers always get a certain amount of money for the crop where a company may pay a percentage and the government picks up the remainder. If this was the case with the health care it wouldn’t really be a free basic health care since the individual would still have to pay an allotted amount and the government would pick up the balance. In this case i suppose medicaid or medicare may take this form (although I’m not 100 percent sure how they work so i could obviously be misled).

Now there is subsidized food allowances to families or individuals that can “prove” they are of low enough economic standing to purchase food. (i quote the term prove due to some states low standards or requirements and hardly checking back on cases) Some states still use the term “food stamps” although many states have moved to a debt card type system. This is a tax paid system which is free to those who qualifty, for the most part, only those of lower economic standing qualify for this subsidy. I think this may be a better comparison to free health care in that those who really need it can qualify for it, it isn’t a lot, but its enough to get by/live with. And if those who use it have problems with it, their free to not use it.

And i think forcing doctors to have their pay cut by half to cut cost would be a good situation if those doctors were employed by a government paid hospital or clinic, otherwise limiting private sector salary seems a bit over reaching from the government. (why not start limiting some senator/representative salaries that far reach doctor salaries where at least most doctors actually work for their salary). In which if the government had a basic health care system where it got to the point where people realized they got just as good of care with “basic” care as the more expensive system the health care industry would adjust appropriately to meet demands.

Much of what you get from the medical industry is placebo drugs, don’t think most countries wants to support legal fraud.