I’d like to know peoples favorite foods, dishes, desserts and why if possible. Pictures of dishes, recipes, history of those dishes and the cultures and so on.

I would have to say my favorite foods are Italian and Mexican since I find myself eating it a lot. I also like arabic food, stuffed grape leaves and what not. There are a lot of foods I love to eat. For my favorite dessert I would have to say pastries like donuts, strudels, cookies, pies, scones and turnovers.

I guess I prefer the rich spiced foods. I love the rich tasting dishes. I also love my cheese and vegetables.

I am just making this thread out of curiosity because while I was eating some pizza I was thinking “oh I don’t think there is a thread about food, it would be interesting to see what people eat since there are a lot of people in different regions.” So here it is. Plus food has a huge link to cultures and what not even though Terence Mckenna has always said “Culture is not your friend”.

“Tell me what you eat, and I’ll tell you who you are,” wrote renowned gastronome Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin in 1825. Explore how food shapes us and our culture.

I guess, I may also ask for another person.

I know a person who eats often pizza with cheese, tomatoes, tuna fish, and onions.

Who is he?

The food I eat is always unprocessed to ensure maximum health is maintained… I season only with red chilli, garlic, salt, pepper, and olive oil to let the natural flavours of the produce come out.

Well i’m hungry now. That food looks good. Yeah unprocessed is the best, healthiest. Natural nutrients and goodliness.

Magret duck breast over a salad, balsamic and tangerine reduction… I ran out of oranges.
I realize that there are a lot of peas on the plate. Fuck off, I love peas.

Leftovers night a little while ago.

I roasted a chicken with black winter truffle under the skin (no pics, looked like a roasted chicken). So to the leftover chicken I added a dijony cream that I made with a roux base, then used it to stuff buckwheat crepes. Topped with diced tomatoes and grana padano flakes. Some spinach in there, too.
Plating is sloppy, I realize. Guess, what… fuck off :slight_smile:

Bread. It is bready and it tastes like bread.

Artimas, you have not answered my question.

So again:

Lil while ago, too.
Seared scallops and blanched spinach eith a beurre blanc sauce. Some capers in the sauce, why not.
My suggestion to the reader is to never learn what is in beurre blanc. Better that way.

I only eat out these days (I have no oven in my illegal apartment), though many apartment mates let me cook in their ovens, and I usually eat things like breaded fish or totinos pizzas (cheap), I make a very mean chicken when I have the wherewithal, I baste it in eggs, fresh lemon juice and butter, so when it cooks it gets really moist and juicy and it expands to almost melts in your mouth. I just add oregano later. I make rice with eggs as well and peel pomegranates, and take the anils out and mix them with an egg/rice/butter mix after the rice is cooked. It’s incredible. I like to just saute asparagus, or pick off the brussel sprouts and do various thing with them in the pan or oven. But mostly I just eat out.

You all are making me hungry. xD

I don’t know… someone who likes pizza :stuck_out_tongue:. That’s just a quote from someone I was reading about.

I would eat the shit out of that pizza. Tuna and onions go together exceptionally well.

This is my chicken stew.

Looks like that on a plate.

That looks delicious.

Wow. The chicken inspired me for a moment to develop my own cooking skills (I can make a nice chicken dish) but this is just discouraging.

Because my work schedule is all over the place, I rarely ever cook, but on my
days off, I make buffalo wings, hot with three habanero peppers, franks hot sauce,
worcestershire sauce, pickapeppa sauce and vinegar and 3 or 4 crushed garlic bulbs.
no pics, but plenty of heat. Had some yesterday, umm good.


So easy to make. It’s all about the browning.

Don’t be silly! Like most great foods, this is extremely simple.
All you have to do is score the skin/fat and rub a lot of salt on it, then sear it on an extremely hot iron skillet.
The balsamic reduction is 3 parts citric to 1 part balsamic vinegar, a little butter and some salt. Then let it simmer until it coats a spoon nicely when you dip it in.

Takes all of 10 minutes to make once you have the duck breast fillet. My supplier ships them already beautifully butchered, saving me a lot of work.

I eat similar food (healthy and all), but I don’t have the time nor the patience to arrange it to look aesthetically pleasing, cooking itself is plenty of work for me already… it’s really nice to see though lol.

Made this last night. Ranch food hehe.

That was the first time I tried a Buffalo ribeye. It is much leaner than cow, so I cooked it a lot less. It was nice and bloody on the inside.
I forgot the green beans cooking so they were a minute away from turning into puree :frowning: The white stuff on them is garlic.
Corn is just caramelized with onions after cutting from the cob.
Blanched spinach with lemon and olive oil. I could eat spinach like that every day.